Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Family Fun!

We spent the weekend celebrating family events. On Saturday, it was my niece's dance recital. Her costumes were just adorable! I love going to these things. After the recital, we went to a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo -- gotta love this "holiday". The margaritas were delicious...oh, and the enchiladas were, too *grin* My sister entered a raffle to help the local police department and the prize was a real sombrero. I just knew she would win!! Silly girl!

I gave my niece a little book that I made out of restaurant coasters for her recital present instead of flowers. It was a little book of her communion photos. She absolutely LOVED it! She melted my heart when she took the book and hugged it. Later on in the day, she told me it was her most favorite present ever! Sweet little girl! I'll show pics later, but for now I have to wait because it was part of my DT stuff.

Then on Sunday, we gathered at my brother's house to celebrate my favorite nephew's 1st birthday. I can't believe little Tyler is already ONE! Boy, I know I'm biased, but that child is just the cutest, sweetest, best behaved little boy. I'm glad I get a baby fix when I go to see him. Not that I want anymore, but I do love babies! Oh, and I'd love to share a photo, but guess what???? Yep, forgot my camera *bummed* I did take photos with my brother's camera -- about 200 of them....lol I love taking pictures! Hopefully, he will share some with me so I can post them and eventually scrap some.

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