Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another day...

another scrappy find!! Yeah!! I went to a store in Livonia for the first time today. I heard about it back in April, but with gas prices as high as they are I really have to be heading in the direction of a store that far. Well, my car just took the turns all by itself today and it ended up in the parking lot. What could I do but enter...LOL

It was a great little store with lots and lots of good finds -- I finally got that awesome Making Memories Tropical paper that Ms. Shanna made me obsess over ever since I saw her remarkable mini album she made and sold on Ebay. So now I can say I own that paper...didn't say I was going to use it but I own it *grin* Then I realized this store had an Accut system -- that's because there was a sign in the window. I had never seen one before and had no clue what the thing looked like. I now know it looks like a giant Revolution and works the same way. Well, I bought some of the clear acetate sheets they had and cut out a cute little flower four times and used the rest of the sheets and a card die to cut out six of those all for future mini albums. I'm loving the clear acrylic look!

Okay, off to peruse the veggie world for inspiration. Peace out!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Only 26 Days!!

Until I get to see my favorite people -- my OKIE girls!!! Yes, yes, yes! We will be heading to the Tulsa CKC convention and I just can't wait. I'm getting so geeked thinking about it. I must start putting together my scrappy stuff to bring. Oh, yes, and I must put on the list to buy a duffle bad to fill with goodies to bring back...LOL Last time I could barely fit all my new finds into the luggage I brought. Well, I'm not having that happen this time...no way!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Challenge #3

This challenge's question is - What would you do if you didn't scrap?

Honestly, I'd probably just eat...lol

No, really I don't know at all. I'd spend more time at the mall and shopping stores that's for sure which I think might be a little more costly than scrapping but not much :D I might push myself to finally take that sewing class I've always wanted so as to learn how to sew. I still might do that some day, but right now too much of my time is consumed with my favorite hobby.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying to be...

a better blogger and I'm some success! My challenge over at BPM for the month of July is to use at least five tags on a layout. I had noticed how many tag sheets I had floating around and I just had to use some of these up. I finally used more of the Basic Grey Fusion that I've hoarded for years it seems. I've used it a few times, but dang when you own the whole line it takes forever to put a dent in it ;)

Here's a looksie and if you feel like taking part, come right on over and join in the fun. Paula gives out some great prizes if you happen to be the chosen winner :D

Monday, July 16, 2007


Last night at Creative Scrap Shack the winner of the Big Kahuna contest we've been playing in for the past seven weeks was announced. Guess who won? Take a wild guess! Go on...LOL

You got it, BABY! It was ME!!!

I was on the phone with my bestest gal pal Cheri from Oklahoma and I think I punctured her eardrum...LOL Sorry Cheri! I seriously couldn't believe it was my name. There were so many talented ladies entered in the contest I had just subsided the thought of winning and was having fun creating. Hey, maybe that's the key to any contest huh?

I have to thank Cheri from the bottom of my heart because if it wasn't for her not-so-gentle push (just kiddin' girlie :D) I would have never entered. I also have to thank the GREAT people over at CSS -- Carmen the owner and all her wonderfully talented DT gals for hosting such an AWESOME contest!! I'm giving you all a big WOO HOO!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

3 Posts in One Day!!

Just had to say I'm watching my favorite little 15 month old guy today. Boy, have I forgotten how much work little people are. My house is no longer equipped for babies. Tyler is sooo good! Seriously, he doesn't fuss and is such a good natured baby. You know what I love the most - I get to have my baby fix and then he goes home...LOL Do I sound bad? Hope not. I love babies, and sometimes get that slight scratch of missing having one, but then I just go see my Tyler and he helps me get over that. I do love the stage my kiddos are in right now the best -- pretty much self sufficient and they still like to cuddle with me :D

Back Porch Memories

Man oh man, I love each and every kit Paula has picked, but these two were big favorites of mine. The colors were just so vibrant and juicy (if that's how you can describe paper -- juicy...lol) I had a blast creating with the Paper Salon -- even went and bought a few more pieces because I just had to know I still owned some...it's a sickness ;)

So here's a looksie at what I did with the Medley and Solo kits:

Side one of a double page layout

Side two of a the other double pager--I LOVE this Urban Lily!!

Then here's is the front cover for the acrylic mini album I made that is featured in this month's newletter. Make sure to check it out!

Oh So distracted!

I love my hubby being home taking time to relax and vacation, but it seriously throws me out of the loop! My routine has not been normal. The thing that's bad, too, is that I get used to him being home and not having to take the kids with me everywhere. Just about that time, he has to go back. Then I have to get used to a new routine which was the old routine...does that make sense?LOL Well, he goes back to work tonight and I'm already gonna miss him. I have to say this has been the best two weeks spent together as a family yet. Of course the kids still bickered A LOT, but overall it was so relaxing and just fun enjoying time together as a family.

Well enough with that...here's a little scrappy stuff. The Big Kahuna contest over at Creative Scrap Shack has come to an end. I'm gonna miss it because those types of contests fuel creativity!! It was lots of fun and all the ladies created some EYE POPPPIN', JAW DROPPIN' layouts!! Go check out the gallery if you don't believe me!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I just love this holiday because of all the fireworks! On a deeper level, I love it because of the great (and sometimes not so great..won't go there) land we live in. It really is a wonderful country and I am full of American Pride! Hang that flag high today and be proud of this great free land of ours and for the men and women who fight to keep it that way.