Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh So distracted!

I love my hubby being home taking time to relax and vacation, but it seriously throws me out of the loop! My routine has not been normal. The thing that's bad, too, is that I get used to him being home and not having to take the kids with me everywhere. Just about that time, he has to go back. Then I have to get used to a new routine which was the old routine...does that make sense?LOL Well, he goes back to work tonight and I'm already gonna miss him. I have to say this has been the best two weeks spent together as a family yet. Of course the kids still bickered A LOT, but overall it was so relaxing and just fun enjoying time together as a family.

Well enough with's a little scrappy stuff. The Big Kahuna contest over at Creative Scrap Shack has come to an end. I'm gonna miss it because those types of contests fuel creativity!! It was lots of fun and all the ladies created some EYE POPPPIN', JAW DROPPIN' layouts!! Go check out the gallery if you don't believe me!

1 comment:

Tricia said...

TAMI....CONGRATS ON WINNING THE BIG KAHUNA HONEY!!!! You totally rocked this contest!!!!!