Friday, February 29, 2008

Card Challenge

Cheri and I are getting good at challenging one another...LOL We had a mini challenge to come up with a card using the new Imaginisce My Peeps paper line which is featured in the March CSS kit. Here's my card and I can't wait to see hers tomorrow.

Carolyn also joined in on the challenge. She did TWO cards!! WTG, Carolyn!! Are you trying to show us up? LOL

I also managed to get one more card from what was left of my Back Porch Memories' February kit using Rusty Pickle Lucky. I also have one more layout in the works. Here's the card:

And here's a little look at the mid-monthly project I created using the same kit.

AND this little canvas is featured in the February newsletter. It was so fun to make!! You can check out the instructions here

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Drama Begins

My hubby is on strike and I'm praying it doesn't last long. I know concessions need to be made especially in this economy. but what they're asking is ridiculous. American Axle is a profitable company that has been in the black it's entire existence. I could see if the company was failing then these huge concessions could be understood. However, when you have the top guys getting $100,000 bonuses, but the guy at the bottom has to take the hit well come on now!!

And for anyone who might say that the American autoworker makes a ridiculous hourly wage, well all I have to say is try to go to a job like that. I did back in 1996 (worked at American Axle in the forge department) and it was the most mundane, hot, dirty, heavy job I have ever had. Needless to say, I made it one week and knew it wasn't for me. At that time the hourly wage was $13 and I didn't care if they were paying me that or $50 that's how horrible I thought the conditions were. I definitely couldn't see spending the next 30 years there!! Also, I'm tired of the American work force being threatened that if we don't take concessions, production will be moved to Mexico. So are the people of Mexico going to buy the $50,000 cars????? No, I don't think so. Nuf said. Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening if you've read this far...LOL

Here is an article to read on the strike issue at American Axle

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Next Challenge, please!

We're moving on to our next challenge, and this time I pulled UPSY DAISY. Thankfully I have some pretty paper in this line because the other stuff I had is a bit scary. I bought a kit this past year that featured some Upsy Daisy, so I get to dive into that finally :^)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reminisce challenge

complete! Here are my layouts.

Now to wait to see what Cheri did =)


Here's Cheri's FABULOUS layout!!! A feel a lift coming on, girlfriend =)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeling better!

Thanks for the well wishes, gals! I have come back and am finally feeling better as is the rest of my family. My little guy really had us worried. He went 10 days vomiting and with little or next to nothing in his little tummy. He lost 6 pounds in a matter of 6 days. Scary!! After a chest X-ray and blood work it was determined that his lungs looked normal despite the wretched cough and the blood work indicated he had the flu virus. UGH!! He had it the worst I tell ya. I felt bad at one point, but only had one really AWFUL day. After that, being told I had bronchitis was a breeze! My doctor said that it is one BAD virus running a muck!

So with entire week spent at home on winter break with my little bundles of joy, I have had a bit of time to scrap. Remember Cheri and I have our bi-weekly challenge going on. It was Reminisce this time around and I found out I own more Reminisce than I wanted to...LOL I've scrapped two layouts using two different lines and just need to get some pictures of the layouts to upload them. I've also worked on my mid-monthly scrappy project for BPM. It's something a little festive for the Irish in me :D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So sick

that I can't even begin to think about going to my scrap area to play...makes me sad. I came up with the idea to play the digi way. Here is what I came up with using a template from a gal from Prima and papers from Prima. Gosh, I'm bad with remembering the names. I had fun!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

February's Back Porch Memories

Today is the day DT loads their beautiful creations to the February gallery. Here are mine:
(this little box is a lift off my friend Cheri. It holds our Silhouette blades and caps so they don't get lost.)

And you can go check out the rest here --> Back Porch DT Layouts

New Challenge!

Here is the next challenge gals!! I let Marisa have the honor and this is what she pulled......



YIKES!! Best of luck, girls...LOL

Crate Paper Challenge Completed!!

Cheri and I finished our challenge up. Her, Carolyn and I are so very proud to admit that we used every bit of the line we started with. So without further ado here are my layouts.

and a little card for an up-and-coming baby shower I will be attending.

Make sure to go check out Cheri's layouts here -----> Welcome To My Jungle

Friday, February 08, 2008

Yet another addiction....LOL

Trim not much unlike ribbon, yet different :D I now am consumed with the trim isles at every Joann Fabric store. Specifically trim that has pompoms on it. I scored today with lots of pompoms -- my new love! The ladies at J's always ask me what I'm buy my trim for. They look at me crazy when I tell them scrapbooking/altered art. The one gal asked, "Isn't this going to be too puffy on your page?" Nah, I told her! Anything will fit inside a page protector if you cram it in there good enough...LOL I'll take a picture of my goodies and post it in a bit.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Look at Carolyn GO!!!

Dang almighty! Cheri and I elicit a Crate paper challenge and Carolyn ROCKED it!!! She got all this done before the deadline of 2/10 Way to go, Carolyn! Beautiful work, my friend :D

Now I've got to get off my butt and start mine. Uh, please gals, don't expect this much work from me ;) LOL

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Yes, I love that word! I scored with a bunch of goodies from Creative Scrap Shack. There is a 40% off pre-CHA sale and I scored big time :D

Go check it out and the sale code PRECHASALE

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A little peek...

at what I've been creating using my Back Porch Memories' DT kit. Love this beautiful Rusty Pickle Lucky paper line that is featured in the February Solo kit! You can see the rest of the DT peeks on the feature page.


Yep, we all have them and if you're even a bit like me they swing...LOL Seriously now, Tam is hosting a nine week mini album class all about emotions at the Creative Scrap Shack. This week we are to create the cover and an intro page. I'm eager to start on a mini book and actually finish it! I am so bad at finishing them if they are too long. I'm thinking this will be perfect. So off I go to decide which size it's going to be and to start decorating :D