Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeling better!

Thanks for the well wishes, gals! I have come back and am finally feeling better as is the rest of my family. My little guy really had us worried. He went 10 days vomiting and with little or next to nothing in his little tummy. He lost 6 pounds in a matter of 6 days. Scary!! After a chest X-ray and blood work it was determined that his lungs looked normal despite the wretched cough and the blood work indicated he had the flu virus. UGH!! He had it the worst I tell ya. I felt bad at one point, but only had one really AWFUL day. After that, being told I had bronchitis was a breeze! My doctor said that it is one BAD virus running a muck!

So with entire week spent at home on winter break with my little bundles of joy, I have had a bit of time to scrap. Remember Cheri and I have our bi-weekly challenge going on. It was Reminisce this time around and I found out I own more Reminisce than I wanted to...LOL I've scrapped two layouts using two different lines and just need to get some pictures of the layouts to upload them. I've also worked on my mid-monthly scrappy project for BPM. It's something a little festive for the Irish in me :D

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Kazan said...

Glad to hear you are up and at it again - sorry to hear you were not feeling great. Can't wait to see your new projects