Monday, July 20, 2009

OMG! What a weekend!

I seriously don't know where to begin...honestly! After picking my bestest Okie girls up from the airport on Thursday night, we sat on the deck talking until the wee hours catching up. It was actually nice enough Friday that Carolyn and I braved the pool and floated around in there for a while until Dave came to pick us all up to go out to dinner at my favorite BBQ place. From there we headed to my sister's house where everyone was waiting for us to get on the party bus. Off to Boogie Fever where we danced and danced. The night was soooo much fun!
Here's my sister and me

Cheri, Carolyn, me, and Kim at Boogie Fever...woo hoo!

So Saturday comes and we are chilling for pretty much the entire day, but had $50 in Chinese food delivered. It was an awesome smorgasbord...mmm~! I take the girls up to Archivers, so Kim can visit her very first one. They loved the store and then we were off to a restaurant for Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Cheri was so sick of food by the end of the night that she never wanted to eat again!

Now comes Sunday and the day is planned to go to Ikea. Kim had never been and wanted to go.

It's funny that we get there and go straight to the food -- love me some Ikea meatballs! Kim didn't eat and decided to go look around. Right after eating, Cheri jumps up and says she's going to find Kim. Carolyn pretty much does the same, leaving Marisa and I at the table. So I'm thinking at this time that Cheri's had enough of this trip and is ready to go. We find them and literally from that point trot through Ikea at a pace probably never known to that Now I'm thinking why in the heck did they want to come here if we were going to go through the entire store within a half hour? Next stop, Cheri says let's hit the scrap store. Well, I'm always up for stopping in at one of my favorite scrap stores -- Scrappy Chic. We're perusing the store (by the way I was so proud of myself for not buying ONE thing!) and now Cheri tells me she's not feeling good and we have to go. Okay. Now that's starting to explain why she's acting weird. Off we go, but I decided to take a different way home instead of going straight back to the freeway. She's in the back seat asking me why I made this choice? How long until we get back? What exit will we get off the freeway? I'm thinking...DANG, she's being impatient! So we pull down my street and I see my mom and sister's cars parked out there. I'm thinking...oh, they wanted to come by and see my friends one last time before they leave -- how sweet! Dave meets all of us at the end of the drive way and tells me that he has my birthday present, but I have to put this shirt over my head along with a pair of head phones....HUH!!?? What's going on????? Why are you hiding me from my new

Well, after being lead through the dark and bumping into mirrors on the car and bouncing off the side of the house, I arrive in the backyard to have all that taken off and see my backyard decorated and filled with people yelling...SURPRISE!!! I had NO flipping clue my husband had planned this behind my back. The only reason he got away with it is because I've been so busy getting everything ready here at the house for their visit to notice. Now all these things popped in to my head why he wanted to do certain things like put up the big white tent we use for parties, etc. Yeah - it wasn't a laptop, but it was ONE HECK of a PARTY!! You all got me pretty good, I say. Thanks for making the 40's look a lot better

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The day has come!

My bestest friends from Oklahoma (Cheri, Carolyn and Kim) are arriving tonight...woo hoo!!! Almost a year ago while at a retreat with them, they said they would come visit me for my 40th birthday. While I believed them, I knew it was almost a year away and thought no way is it going to happen. Well, low and behold, it is happening!!! I'm so excited!! Now my birthday isn't until next week, but we can start celebrating now; can't we?! My sister has rented a party bus for 12 of us to go out tomorrow night. We're going to show them the city and then we're off to a club called Boogie Fever...I've wanted to go there for forevah!! I love me some disco being a child of the 70's and I guess turning 40 isn't all that bad; right?

Friday, July 10, 2009

BPM July DT Creations

It's the 10th so we get to show all our designs made with our monthly kits. I already showed my first layout using the MME on the first of the month...I seriously need some more of that paper! I think I might own

Here are the rest of my designs:

a little tag to use on a future layout

Collin just adores his new little cousin! He loves to hold him and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" over and over to

a layout using the Bo Bunny Popsicle for my "Layout in 15 Minute or Less" article

and lastly this is a layout using our monthly Page Maps sketch

I had a blast working with this kit because it was so summery and fun! Unfortunately for you it's sold out but is being waitlisted. Told ya Paula creates some GREAT kits! LoL Make sure to check out all the other design team creations by clicking here

Monday, July 06, 2009

Twilight Mini and more

Well, the 4th has come and gone with the kids and I having a great one-night camp out with my brother and his family. We went to a campground not far from us and it was beautiful! I just wish I could sleep better and that the friggin' air mattress would not deflate on me every single time!! The thing is practically brand new and has deflated since the second time I used it, however we can never find the leak. I'm taking it back to Sam's Club and complaining! They have good customer service and I know I can get a new one...hopefully! Collin caught a huge catfish, but unfortunately I wasn't there to get the picture and my brother forgot. Marisa caught an eight inch rock bass, too! We had a blast and will be planning another camp trip soon.

So for my niece's birthday we got together to celebrate. We ended up at Chili's (even though it was originally supposed to be my favorite BBQ place -- Slows -- yum!) after the kids went to laser tag. I guess I had told her I would make a cake for her birthday and thankfully she reminded me. Kind of stunk because I had let my SIL borrow my cake stuff so I had to go buy some duplicate supplies...oh well! Not the best job in the world on this cake, but it's really all about how it tastes; right!

The little mini book I threw together for her using a Maya Road apple chipboard album, some MM valentine papers along with some MME and Doodlebug. I had to throw in some Prima flowers and bling, of course! I was proud of myself for actually bringing out some stamps to use on this project -- felt good!

I wish I had gotten the picture of Gab when she put the book to her face to kiss wasn't fast enough.

And now just to throw one last picture in of my little bubs -- gosh, he's the cutest and we just can't get enough of him! Even Collin just adores his little cousin, Gavin. I can't believe he'll be eight weeks tomorrow already! Yeesh! Brings back memories seeing him in his car seat which used to be Collin's when he was an infant. Gosh, time flies because my baby will be seven in two days!!!

I'm off to play with some scrap goodies and then get some things done around this house. My computer time has to be scarce... I'll try to listen to myself!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Another month...

has come and gone...sheesh! I've put everything around my house off until the last minute and now it's cram time! My terrific gal pals from Oklahoma will be here in 15 days to help me celebrate my 4oth birthday. I get so anal when people come to visit and I start projects that I shouldn't around the house. Well, I'm trying not to do that, but I am fixing and cleaning things that should have been cleaned and fixed a while ago.

Like for instance, today I thought I would plunge the sinks in the bathroom because they were running slow. What happens??? They stop up all together and some black gunk comes out....can you say YUCK!!!!!! So when Dave got home he spent the next three hours trying to figure out the problem. He snaked the drains and they still wouldn't allow the water to drain. It just so happens his friend Brian calls and tells Dave he had the same problem once and they called a plumber who went on top of the roof and ran the snake down the vent pipe...huh??? So Dave bravishly gets on the roof (he hates getting on the roof...well, more like getting off the and runs the snake down the vent (?) and viola!!! The sinks drain GREAT now!! Thanks to Brian for saving us $100 (or more) on a plumber...woo hoo! Love having a handyman husband that's for sure!

Now on to better things. The Back Porch Memories July kits are up and they are some GREAT ones....when are they not really :D
Here's the Solo:

Here's the Medley:

The fabulous stamps:

And finally, my first layout using the MME Breakfree in the this paper!!!

Okay, that's it for now. I now have to lock myself up in my scrap room and finish a little book that I started to make for my niece's birthday which is tomorrow. I'll share it as soon as I'm done. I think I'm going to love it so much that I'm going to have a hard time giving it It's a mini on the subject of Twilight...her most favorite movie in the whole world right now because it has the love of her life in it -- Edward! So with you, Gabster girl!!! I have NEVER been hooked on a set of books the way I was with those. I cried...I laughed...I fell in love...ahhh! I even contemplated becoming a vampire
Peace out!