Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Another month...

has come and gone...sheesh! I've put everything around my house off until the last minute and now it's cram time! My terrific gal pals from Oklahoma will be here in 15 days to help me celebrate my 4oth birthday. I get so anal when people come to visit and I start projects that I shouldn't around the house. Well, I'm trying not to do that, but I am fixing and cleaning things that should have been cleaned and fixed a while ago.

Like for instance, today I thought I would plunge the sinks in the bathroom because they were running slow. What happens??? They stop up all together and some black gunk comes out....can you say YUCK!!!!!! So when Dave got home he spent the next three hours trying to figure out the problem. He snaked the drains and they still wouldn't allow the water to drain. It just so happens his friend Brian calls and tells Dave he had the same problem once and they called a plumber who went on top of the roof and ran the snake down the vent pipe...huh??? So Dave bravishly gets on the roof (he hates getting on the roof...well, more like getting off the and runs the snake down the vent (?) and viola!!! The sinks drain GREAT now!! Thanks to Brian for saving us $100 (or more) on a plumber...woo hoo! Love having a handyman husband that's for sure!

Now on to better things. The Back Porch Memories July kits are up and they are some GREAT ones....when are they not really :D
Here's the Solo:

Here's the Medley:

The fabulous stamps:

And finally, my first layout using the MME Breakfree in the this paper!!!

Okay, that's it for now. I now have to lock myself up in my scrap room and finish a little book that I started to make for my niece's birthday which is tomorrow. I'll share it as soon as I'm done. I think I'm going to love it so much that I'm going to have a hard time giving it It's a mini on the subject of Twilight...her most favorite movie in the whole world right now because it has the love of her life in it -- Edward! So with you, Gabster girl!!! I have NEVER been hooked on a set of books the way I was with those. I cried...I laughed...I fell in love...ahhh! I even contemplated becoming a vampire
Peace out!

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