Thursday, July 16, 2009

The day has come!

My bestest friends from Oklahoma (Cheri, Carolyn and Kim) are arriving tonight...woo hoo!!! Almost a year ago while at a retreat with them, they said they would come visit me for my 40th birthday. While I believed them, I knew it was almost a year away and thought no way is it going to happen. Well, low and behold, it is happening!!! I'm so excited!! Now my birthday isn't until next week, but we can start celebrating now; can't we?! My sister has rented a party bus for 12 of us to go out tomorrow night. We're going to show them the city and then we're off to a club called Boogie Fever...I've wanted to go there for forevah!! I love me some disco being a child of the 70's and I guess turning 40 isn't all that bad; right?

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