Friday, September 28, 2007

I made it...

to round 4 of the Bad Girls contest. I seriously can't believe it because if you knew the stress I put myself through yesterday. I had finished a layout and didn't like it at all. So of course I decide I have enough time to do another one being it was first thing in the morning. Yeah, right...does anyone know my kids and hubby???LOL Well, around 6 pm I head to the basement and forget about everything. Then hubby comes home early from bowling and I have to stop scrapping so we can get the kids to bed. Now mind you I am struggling with the design element -- that's what we had to do a layout about. Nothing was working the way I wanted. I couldn't get the paper to "feel" right. I pushed, pulled up, played, inked and anything else you can think of until finally I finished at 10:30 pm eastern time. Now I have to have the layout loaded up into the gallery by 11pm. I should make it with no problem....yeah right!! My computer decided to lock up after uploaded the pictures. I was getting reading to resize it and that was it...nothing...stuck! I flip it off really quick and then turn it back on.

UH OH! That did it! Now there's a black screen telling me I did something wrong. I click a button. Now there's a blue screen telling me something needs to scan the system. I decided I don't want to do that...well, the computer had the upper hand here. around 10:53 pm I am able to get on the computer, resize the photo, and then upload my layout in the nick of time. Serious panic attack going on there. I couldn't get to sleep for hours after those heart palpatations...LOL But it's all better today and the world is great!

Here are my layouts from the first three rounds so far:

Week #1 Color

Week #2 Dimension/Texture

Week #3 Design Elements

Monday, September 24, 2007


It was our first experience as a family. We LOVED it!! A little exhausting for the fact that I just can't get sound sleep. I actually came home yesterday and after unloading my brother's van and putting stuff away, I laid on my bed to remember what one felt like and then fell asleep for 2 hours. Boy, oh boy, did that feel good!!

Marisa lost her bottom eyetooth over the weekend. She couldn't wait to get home to give it to the tooth fairy because as she put it "she's broke and needs money"...LOL

Now I'm back to the routine of getting everyone off to school. I have tons of laundry to do because everything smells like campfire. I'm dying to scrap and probably will some time today. I'm waiting on the mail man to bring my BPM DT kit...can't wait!!! So many goodies I'm vying to play with. Time to get some pictures printed!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's that time of the month...

no not that The time where I update my scrappy creations from Back Porch Memories. Gosh, I might sound repetive, but this was another AWESOME kit!!!! October's will not disappoint you either, promise!! Just found out the goodies in that will consist of October Afternoon, Fancy Pants, Basic Grey and Dream Street papers -- woo hoo!!!

So here's what I've been doing lately:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

So much has happened... (super long post)

since my last post! Where do I begin???

Well, on August 23rd I flew out to Tulsa, OK to meet up with some of the best women on the planet! We stayed in the fabulous Renaissance Hotel and attended the Creating Keepsakes Convention. What fun! Lots of shopping and eating...yes, I said eating! If you know me, you know I love my food...LOL I would give the food at the hotel an A+++ Holey smokes, Cheri got us a room on the concierge level and that meant free eats certain times of the day. I can't say there was one thing in there that didn't taste incredible. Hey, I think I found my new calling -- a food critic! Seriously, though, all in all it was just a fantastic time. I almost got a little teary eyed when standing in Chili's parking lot I realized it was over. I just know there'll be a next time!
Here's few pictures from my grand event.

The next important thing was my kiddos heading back to school. Well for Collin it is his first year in school -- kindergarten. This is a big adjustment year for Travis and Marisa. They have always attended private schools and now we're heading to the big world of public schools. I have to say it's been an adjustment for me, too! I am a little sad that we are no longer at St. Peter's Lutheran. It was small and quaint and there was just something about it that I loved. Now Travis has adjusted quite well. As a matter of fact I think he just LOVES this whole new world -- or maybe the Collin just can't get enough of the bus and his new teacher Mrs. Witgen. Marisa on the other hand is having a bit of difficulty. I can see it in her eyes and her demeanor. She is trying, but she is like me when I was a child and despises change. I keep reassuring her that it will all become familiar like it was at the other school. I'm praying! Praying hard! It breaks my heart to see my little girl sad and there isn't much I can do about this one except to keep upbeat, positive, and re-enforce all of it over and over again.
Here's some first day photos!

Collin started the following afternoon. I couldn't contain his excitement! The first day I drove him to school and then after that he took the bus.

Oh, I forgot to add that Collin has now lost two teeth!! I couldn't believe it. I thought at first he might have hit his mouth and knocked them loose, but no! There are new teeth coming in underneath and he is also getting his six-year molars in. Wow, this kid definitely grows like a weed!

Then on to the birthdays. Dave celebrated his 39th on the 5th and Marisa celebrated her 8th birthday on the 10th. Lots of fun and lots of presents!