Friday, September 28, 2007

I made it...

to round 4 of the Bad Girls contest. I seriously can't believe it because if you knew the stress I put myself through yesterday. I had finished a layout and didn't like it at all. So of course I decide I have enough time to do another one being it was first thing in the morning. Yeah, right...does anyone know my kids and hubby???LOL Well, around 6 pm I head to the basement and forget about everything. Then hubby comes home early from bowling and I have to stop scrapping so we can get the kids to bed. Now mind you I am struggling with the design element -- that's what we had to do a layout about. Nothing was working the way I wanted. I couldn't get the paper to "feel" right. I pushed, pulled up, played, inked and anything else you can think of until finally I finished at 10:30 pm eastern time. Now I have to have the layout loaded up into the gallery by 11pm. I should make it with no problem....yeah right!! My computer decided to lock up after uploaded the pictures. I was getting reading to resize it and that was it...nothing...stuck! I flip it off really quick and then turn it back on.

UH OH! That did it! Now there's a black screen telling me I did something wrong. I click a button. Now there's a blue screen telling me something needs to scan the system. I decided I don't want to do that...well, the computer had the upper hand here. around 10:53 pm I am able to get on the computer, resize the photo, and then upload my layout in the nick of time. Serious panic attack going on there. I couldn't get to sleep for hours after those heart palpatations...LOL But it's all better today and the world is great!

Here are my layouts from the first three rounds so far:

Week #1 Color

Week #2 Dimension/Texture

Week #3 Design Elements


Tricia said...

CONGRATULATIONS Tami!!! Now I have 2 friends to cheer on!!! Good luck with the next round!

Tam said...

I am so excited that you made it to round 4! I am cheering you on from the side lines! I hope that you win!