Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Blogger

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Challenge - These questions were taken fr the latest and greatest book by Cathy z... have fun! These make for great blog posts:

Complete these statements:

1. My current favorite song: You're Beautiful by James Blunt
2. The last book I read: Love and other Impossible Pursuits by Ayelet Waldham
3. What I'm wearing right now: Ugly floral nightgown
4. The last cd I bought: NOW 21
5. The last gift I bought for someone: For my neice's baptism I bought a gold cross on a gold necklace and First Prayer book.


Last night was the best nights sleep I've had in a while. I feel all refreshed and ready to go. A little sore from all the stuff I did yesterday. Isn't it so sad that the older you get you can't even pick weeds in the garden and super clean in one day without feeling super sore :( Definitely signs of aging!

I'm in this "get this done" mood lately. I'm so sick of looking at unfinished projects around this house and so I figured I'll just start picking away at them so it doesn't seem overwhelming. Good plan, so let's see how long I stick to it.

Man, oh man, I've come across this site Willow Traders Well, I've actually been to it before but never looked around much. It's like a dream come true. I've found all sorts of things to buy from other people selling them. This week alone I've purchased the Stiletto font for my QK and some additional dies for CHEAP!! You've gotta love a deal!! Go check it out if you haven't already.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I feel

like I've travelled all over. I left the house at 11 am didn't get back home until 7. My cousin Jessica who is ten years younger than I am had her bridal shower today. The bridal shower was an hour away and while that's not bad, I felt it took forever to get there. It was so good to see my mom's side of the family. We only see one another on occasions such as these. That's kind of sad, huh? Here's a picture of my cousins -- beautiful girls!!! My sister and I joke all the time that the "looks" department skipped over us.

There was good brunchie kinds of food, lots of chatting, and I won bingo again!! I am the bingo Speaking of bingo, I won a game over at Just4keeps on April 9th. Well the prize was having one of the DT members create a layout for you. They're all terrific, but I chose Erica because of classy doodling style and she's so good at details. Here's what she did and I LOVE it!!!

Thank you, Erica!!

While I was out that way I had to find the oh, so talked about scrapbook store -- The Scrapbook Zone. WOW!!! WHat a store!!! I found all the pieces of paper and doodads that I have not been able to get my hands on either at all of my LSSes or online (well, could find it online but in bits and pieces here and there) such as the A2Z Dulce line, some paper shaper punches on clearence for a $1, 3 Bugs in a Rug Cabana paper and cardstock stickers, Bo Bunny zoo paper, and Cherry Arte!! Woo hoo I was in heaven! Good thing was I only spent $21. That's a good day for me! Off to watch JarHead. I rented it for me and hubby to watch.

PS Cheri, if you read this make sure to keep the skillet handy. I just might need it some time in the

Friday, April 21, 2006

My body

aches!!!! I never finished caulking the tub or started caulking the basement. Nope the beautiful weather kept me outside doing yard work. OH MY LORD, I forgot I had muscles in the places that are aching. I managed to turnover my garden beds, rake the dead grass and then mow the lawn, clean it all up and then fertilize. Oh, and then I decided to do a little brick We had this gap in the cement where this electrician cut it out to run an electrical line to the garage. Well, it's been that was for two years now so instead of waiting on my husband to repair it, I decided to use some of the extra brick pavers and fill it myself. HUM...who needs a

Today my sister popped over and we whipped out 8 thank you cards for her. I like working in an assembly line like that. It went really quick!

I've stayed up until 1-2 am every night for the past four nights scrapping and I'm paying for it today. Soooooooooooooooooo tired and my neice is here so it's not like I can lay everyone down for a nap in a little while. Her and Marisa would throw a fit! They insist that no 6 or 7 year old takes naps anymore. Okay, then.

There's so much more scrapping I want to do today. I need to do a layout for the challenge I posted for the DT I'm on at Keepsake Trends, plus there are so many awesome challenges going on at Just 4 Keeps I wish I could just stay in the basement all day and scrap scrap scrap!!! Off to accomplish something today -- what I don't know :^)

Here's the layout I finished last night. My Marisa at 3 months old....I miss her being that little!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am...

going to have a productive day! Repeat-- I am going to have a productive When the kids are on spring break, or any kind of break, I tend to get so lazy. We dont get dressed til...I guess whenever and we have no motivation. Not today, we are dressed and I've clean up, washed two loads of laundry, and have begun to remove the old caulk from the bathroom tub so I can finally recaulk it the right way. Then I am taking the kids outside for a bit to enjoy this *FANTASTIC* weather. After that, it's back to caulking, but this time in the basement. I'm getting that darn thing done if it takes me forever.

Talking about the basement incites For one, the gift card I ordered from my rewards point thing at my bank has never arrived after 6 weeks. It was only supposed to take 3-4 weeks max. I'm waiting on this card so I can get the 10ft countertop for my scrap space. Now I've been informed that the customer service will have to "research" what happened to the darn thing.

Next thing that makes me angry is my husband. I generally love the man, but his darn comments lately p*ss me off. He will do NO, and let me say that again NO, work around this house if he has the kids. In order for him to work on the projects around here I have to be home and have the kids occupied or leave with the kids. Which I have no problem doing, BUT here comes the part that makes me angry--I am supposed to work on the projects around here with kids in tow. Does that make any sense? I think that's one big double standard!! He asks me yesterday if I have started caulking the basement yet?!?! What? So I turned it around on him and said, "Have you?"

This man has developed one bad 1950's attitude about what women are here for. On one hand I'm supposed to cook, clean, take care of kids and the house like a good wife. Oh, and throw in some home improvement stuff like paint, caulk, cut grass, etc. I don't have a problem doing these things at all, but it's like it's expected now on top of all the other stuff. He goes to work - that's it. I don't mean to minimalize what he does because it is a hard job, but when the day's over it's over! What's funny is I've always had a job and been a hard worker, but when I had Marisa we decided it was better for me to stay home. I really wish, looking back, I would have stayed on with some type of part-time work. I think it would've made me feel better about myself and he wouldn't have some "hold" over me about "who earns the money". Well, he may earn it, but the check comes home to Jeez, just typing that phrase peeves me again. I don't know what happened to my kind-hearted husband. Has anyone seen him? Let me know if you do!

So, I'll stop here because I don't want to make this blog a complaining kind of blog. I'll save the complaining and venting for my sis! It will all work out some way or another. But I'll be darned if I become June Cleaver!!! It's never gonna happen!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

tuesday blogger

list 5-10 websites on your Blog... websites that you like to visit, frequent often... let's all learn about some cool websites from each other!

1. Just4Keeps

2. Keepsake Trends

3. Scrap Gal

4. Willow Traders

5. Tarisota Collections Awesome eye candy in the gallery!

Here's a little quiz to see what pattern your brain is.
Your Brain's Pattern

Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.
You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.
You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.
You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday blogger

What's your dream vacation? Let's blog about it.

Dream vacation -- I'd take any vacation right about now! But if given the choice, I'd love to go somewhere tropical with white sandy beaches and beautiful crystal clear water. Oh, and in that dream I'd be thin enough to wear a 2 piece About as close to this dream I'm going to get this year is visiting the beach at Lexington (Port Huron, MI) and fitting into my tankini!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've been tagged

by Erica to write 5 nice things I know about someone. In honor of Erica tagging me, I will write about her :)

1. Erica just had the most beautiful baby girl, Abby, on February 11th.

2. She is 10 years younger than I am *GASP*!!!

3. She is the best doodler I know!

4. She expresses her love for our Lord and Savior freely and abundantly!

5. Erica and her husband just bought a house that they will be moving into in August.

Happy Easter!!

I love Easter because of all it stands for -- the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, first and foremost; Spring; egg hunts; good food; and sharing this all with my family. Marisa and Collin woke up and all I could hear were screams and squeals of excitement seeing their baskets and the hidden eggs. I was so darn tired getting in after 12:30 am from the baptism. Whew, that was a looooooong ceremony and I got lots of exercise with the kneeling, sitting, and It was very beautiful and my niece looked so cute.



Well, the baskets have been opened and breakfast eaten so it's time to get ready for church. The WHOLE family is going today -- I am making them! Everyone have a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Blogger @ 2Peas

Random Challenge of the day:
Let's name some celebrity crushes. Who did you like as a kid, who did you like as a teenager, who do you like now?

As a kid, I remember being totally in love with Leif Garret and Scott Baio!! Oh, those first crushes were so intense!! Now look at Leif Garret, I'm sure glad we didn't start

As a teenager, I was totally in love with Sonny Crocket on Miami Vice!! Oh, those were the days!

Now, I really don't have crushes on celebrities. I think Colin Farrel is hot!

Believe it or not, I do love Tony Soprano! I think I'm going with the tough guy theme here. It's funny because there's nothing about Tony Soprano that I find attractive except "tough guy" bit.


I will be attending my sister's and niece's baptism. They are being baptized into the Catholic church. My sister asked me to be her daughter's godmother and I am completely honored. It's weird because as children, my two brothers, my sister, and I were not baptized even though both of my parents were Catholic and attended Catholic school. I guess that happens when you start having children at 16 -- it really isn't the thing on the top of the list.

So as adults, we have all found our own path of religion. My youngest brother chose to be baptized into the Catholic faith, but later on switched to Lutheran. I started going the Lutheran church my brother was attending. I loved it, so I became baptized into that faith. My sister has chosen the Catholic faith and my other brother hasn't decided what to do. He's still kind of hanging out there not quite convinced of attending church. He believes in God, but is very cynical about church. We keep praying for I'm just happy that no matter what the religion we have chosen, we have all found our way to God.

Anywho, here's cards I made for the baptism.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Blogger

Fun Fact Friday:

Fact #1 I am an online addict. I can sit for hours going from one scrapbook site to another reading the forums and looking at galleries. I've had to curb that addiction! Spring's here and I've started making myself shut the computer off!

Fact #2 I *sometimes* cuss like a sailor. I must get that from my dad!

Fact #3 I start every morning with a cup of coffee that has to have Coffeemate fat free French vanilla cream in it. If I've run out and forgot to pick some up, the morning isn't pretty!

Fact #4 I am a scrapbook shopping junkie. Seriously, I get some kind of high walking into my LSS and looking around and then buying something...anything. Then I feel guilty when I get to the car thinking I really didn't need that. It's a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

Fact #5 I tend to be anal about certain things. For instance, things have to be done a certain way or it will bother me until I do or redo it. My husband thinks I'm

Fact #6 I used blame my being overweight on my hypothyroidism. Lame excuse, and I proved myself wrong last year when I joined WW and lost 20 lbs. Now I know it's just my lazy

Fact #7 I love to exercise, but I can never push myself to do it. That's an odd paradox!

Fact #8 I love shopping for school supplies and get so excited going to Target. The kids are just as excited as me anymore.

Fact #9 I hate folding and putting away laundry! I'll just pile up clean loads of laundry in baskets and iron what we need until finally I become so bothered by it I break down fold it and then put it away.

Fact #10 I dye my hair. It used to be because I wanted redish highlights, but just recently it's becoming a must to cover all the grey hair I am acquiring!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


a layout and card today for a sketch and card challenge at Keepsake Trends. I love this new BG Oh Baby line.

A good read!

I just finished this book up the other day and I can't recommend it enough! The writing was so well done and it just made you connect with each character. I was really hoping it had more of a "wow" ending, but I liked it just the same. I wanted to see Lily become more at peace about her mother and to maybe find out for sure she wasn't the one who did "it" -- I don't want to ruin the "it" for anyone who hasn't read the book. Surely a good read and a great recommendation from my fellow J4K'er, Jill. We are in book club and the books I have read this year have been so awesome. I haven't read these many book ever in my entire life. I've just become so addicted to submersing myself into a good book. Check this one out if you haven't already!

2peas Wednesday Blogger

I love these challenges posted by BonnieRose over at 2peas. Thanks for these!

Pick one. and Elaborate if you so wish!

chocolate or vanilla? Both!
sandals or barefoot? barefoot mostely, but I love me a pair of cutsy sandals, too!
basic grey or scenic route? I can't choose one -- I love 'em both!
primas or HS flowers? Primas only because I haven't ever purchased HS
computer journaling or handwritten? Both
Madonna or Gwen Stefani? Gwen Stefani because I ain't no holla back girl!
Leno or Conan? Leno -- I don't stay up late enough to watch Conan
Koolaid or Crystal Lite? Koolaid -- cherry flavor is the best!
American Idol or Amazing Race American Idol
catlover or doglover? Love 'em both!


weather lately! Oh, how I love spring, but the mold is high and my nose is stuffed today. It's raining softly and it's the warm rain that I don't mind. The flowers are blooming in my yard. This fall I must plant more tulip, hyacinth, and dafodil bulbs.

Marisa is finally better and back to school today -- her last before the Easter break. That stomach flu got the best of her late Sunday and Monday -- poor thing had it coming out of both ends. I quarantined her the best I could and so far none of us have gotten it. Still crossing my fingers!!!

I just counted how many weeks there are before summer vacation -- 7!!!! Can you believe there is only 7!!!! Wow, this school year has gone faster than any of them. My baby girl is going to be a second grader :( Collin will be entering pre-school - YEAH!!! Mommy will get 3 whole hours every other day to herself (talking in the third peson I honestly don't know what I'll do, but I'm sure I'll figure out something -- scrapping will be on that list! Off to run some errands, order some pictures, all the fun stuff!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Monday Blogger

Okay, I know it's still Sunday evening, but I just saw this on 2Peas and figured I'd participate while I'm thinking about it.

I type a word.. you type the first thing that comes to your mind... this should be fun... ready? here we go...

1. Harry.... Potter
2. Black.... Jelly beans
3. Delicious... dessert
4. Funny... bone
5. Green... bean
6. Ribbons... and bows
7. Internet... online
8. BBQ... ribs
9. People... mover (our sad little version in Detroit of Chicago's "L")
10. Quirky... me

Friday, April 07, 2006

Busy morning

Well, once again we woke up later than usual, but we still made it out the door in time for Marisa's school -- ironically we were early! Something kept telling me that her teacher was going to ask me to drive for the field trip today even though I wasn't scheduled to do so. Sure enough I heard one of the mom's telling her something, but I didn't want to eaves drop so I left. Miss Hasse runs out in the hall to catch me and ask me if I can still drive. I stood there dumbfounded because I was still in my pajama top with no shower and half applied makeup. Collin still had a portion of his jammies on and no breakfast.

I answered with a dutiful "yes", but told her I had to run home first and get cleaned up. That was the fastest I have moved in a long time -- cleaning out my car, showering, clothing both Collin and I, feeding him breakfast and back to school in 40 minutes -- whew! Thank goodness the field trip was just one to Border's bookstore -- kind of boring, but the kiddies liked it. I had two little girls ride with us and one of them was a riot. I think Collin took a liking to her -- he called her "Hey, Girl". She thought he was hilarious -- that's not how I describe him most of the

Collin and I get back home with our Micky D's lunch to have the phone ring. It's Marisa's school and she's had an accident. Uh-oh, I think. She has a habit of holding her pee than she ends up urinating on herself -- jeez! Not this time though, the secretary tells me with a laugh. She managed to spill her chocolate milk all over her -- I mean saturated. Collin and I pack back up and head to school with a new uniform for her. We head back home and I'm just freaking exhausted. I layed Collin down and I managed to close my eyes for about 40 minutes -- that was nice.

I stopped by my LSS when I picked Marisa up from school and she had the Pressed Petals hip chipchatter I've been wanting . I don't buy one, not two, but three colors. Jeez, I told myself no more sb supply shopping after last week's spending spree -- I got three of Rhonna Farrer's new stamps. Why don't I listen to myself!!! Probably because I know I can get over on I was just supposed to go in and buy two pieces of Scenic Route Charlotte papers which turned into three. I have grown to like these after seeing a bunch of Heather Preckle's layouts using these papers for Mosh-Posh kit club.

I want to scrap with these papers ASAP, but we'll see how the weekend goes. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head that I've feel overwhelmed. Does that happen to anyone else? I've got to go get these out of my brain! Have a happy scrappy weekend!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


today was the day from potty-training HELL!!! Collin proceeded to pee in his pants twice both times I was at a store...ugh! It was windy and cold out and I felt bad he had to walk around like this until I got home -- both times! Then after getting him home the last time, I change him and two minutes later I smell something and he's crapped in his underwear!!! Dave cleans him all up wanting to throw the underwear away, but I insist no. Collin gets all cleaned up again and we sit down for dinner. Dinner ends and he walks away and he's quiet. Dave goes and checks on him in the bathroom and yep, he's pooped again!!!! This time he's made an even bigger mess because he took his pants down and tried to sit on the toilet as an after decision. I couldn't get mad because at least he tried, but I swear he is being the slowest kid to potty train --two steps forward, one step back!

On a cleaner note, I took Collin to see his first ever theater movie -- Ice Age 2-The Meltdown. He's seen the commercial a thousand times and kept asking me. I was going to take Marisa and him, but on a trip to Target to get the movie Narnia which was released today, I saw the movie theater and spontaneously decided to take him by himself. He was pretty good at first with the pop and popcorn. We were the only ones in the whole show until an older couple came in. He didn't sit in his seat, but he wasn't really bad with the running around. He kept wanting to change seats over and over. And he kept having to leave to go to the bathroom! Cute show though! He didn't understand the concept that once the show was over it's over. He said, "We watch Ice Meltdown again!" Sorry buddy, time to go. So I thought, I'd go get the older version for his Easter basket.

Today I bought 3 different movies and a Now 21 CD for Easter baskets along with the crafty stuff and a few bits of candy. Every year I swear I'm not doing this, and every year I give in. What happened to just getting a chocolate bunny and jelly beans in basket like I did when I was a kid. I never make Easter baskets like Christmas or anything, but I just don't want to lose sight of the real reason for Easter -- the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have felt such and aching in my heart on this subject--my relationship with the Lord. As a matter of fact, Dave and I had a whole conversation today about him and I trusting in the Lord to help make ends meet. By no means are we poor, but we live probably like most-- pay check to pay check. Dave's job is getting the best of him and he's totally not happy. It's stressing him out and the job is causing all kinds of physical ailments. I really felt for him today and am worried about it. As I type this, I'm crying because it hurts me to see him like this. I prayed and prayed tonight asking the Lord to show me what I need to do as a wife. Maybe it's time I go back to work and lighten his load -- that's what I feel in my heart is the right thing, but we were really trying to have me stay home until Collin went to school full-time in kindergarten. I will be shown what needs to be done. I have faith in that. Well, I didn't want to make this post a book. I woke up after passing out on the couch and sat down here to get some thoughts out of my head. I must get back to La La Land. Good night!