Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Blogger

Fun Fact Friday:

Fact #1 I am an online addict. I can sit for hours going from one scrapbook site to another reading the forums and looking at galleries. I've had to curb that addiction! Spring's here and I've started making myself shut the computer off!

Fact #2 I *sometimes* cuss like a sailor. I must get that from my dad!

Fact #3 I start every morning with a cup of coffee that has to have Coffeemate fat free French vanilla cream in it. If I've run out and forgot to pick some up, the morning isn't pretty!

Fact #4 I am a scrapbook shopping junkie. Seriously, I get some kind of high walking into my LSS and looking around and then buying something...anything. Then I feel guilty when I get to the car thinking I really didn't need that. It's a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

Fact #5 I tend to be anal about certain things. For instance, things have to be done a certain way or it will bother me until I do or redo it. My husband thinks I'm

Fact #6 I used blame my being overweight on my hypothyroidism. Lame excuse, and I proved myself wrong last year when I joined WW and lost 20 lbs. Now I know it's just my lazy

Fact #7 I love to exercise, but I can never push myself to do it. That's an odd paradox!

Fact #8 I love shopping for school supplies and get so excited going to Target. The kids are just as excited as me anymore.

Fact #9 I hate folding and putting away laundry! I'll just pile up clean loads of laundry in baskets and iron what we need until finally I become so bothered by it I break down fold it and then put it away.

Fact #10 I dye my hair. It used to be because I wanted redish highlights, but just recently it's becoming a must to cover all the grey hair I am acquiring!


dynamomomof2 said...

I hate folding and putting away laundry too - hate is actually mild - I detest it!!

Michelle W. said...

cuss like sailor!!! LOL. Love that! becuase I do that sometimes too!


Julie said...

Bad girl about the Sunshine Tami!! LOL!! I am getting the Circut, OOPS did I say that!!