Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A good read!

I just finished this book up the other day and I can't recommend it enough! The writing was so well done and it just made you connect with each character. I was really hoping it had more of a "wow" ending, but I liked it just the same. I wanted to see Lily become more at peace about her mother and to maybe find out for sure she wasn't the one who did "it" -- I don't want to ruin the "it" for anyone who hasn't read the book. Surely a good read and a great recommendation from my fellow J4K'er, Jill. We are in book club and the books I have read this year have been so awesome. I haven't read these many book ever in my entire life. I've just become so addicted to submersing myself into a good book. Check this one out if you haven't already!


Elizabeth said...

YES - I loved this book! I read it some months ago and thought of the sister with the "sensitive soul" just yesterday. So cool when a book you've read comes back to you. :)

BonnieRose said...

I have this book.. but haven't started it yet... thks for the great recommendation!

Jessica K. said...

Just found your blog from Keepsake Trends (mamaof3). Loved this book also and now halfway through her new one The Mermaid Chair. I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN! My husband has to rip it out of my hands every night just so I'll go to sleep.