Wednesday, April 12, 2006


weather lately! Oh, how I love spring, but the mold is high and my nose is stuffed today. It's raining softly and it's the warm rain that I don't mind. The flowers are blooming in my yard. This fall I must plant more tulip, hyacinth, and dafodil bulbs.

Marisa is finally better and back to school today -- her last before the Easter break. That stomach flu got the best of her late Sunday and Monday -- poor thing had it coming out of both ends. I quarantined her the best I could and so far none of us have gotten it. Still crossing my fingers!!!

I just counted how many weeks there are before summer vacation -- 7!!!! Can you believe there is only 7!!!! Wow, this school year has gone faster than any of them. My baby girl is going to be a second grader :( Collin will be entering pre-school - YEAH!!! Mommy will get 3 whole hours every other day to herself (talking in the third peson I honestly don't know what I'll do, but I'm sure I'll figure out something -- scrapping will be on that list! Off to run some errands, order some pictures, all the fun stuff!

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