Friday, April 07, 2006

Busy morning

Well, once again we woke up later than usual, but we still made it out the door in time for Marisa's school -- ironically we were early! Something kept telling me that her teacher was going to ask me to drive for the field trip today even though I wasn't scheduled to do so. Sure enough I heard one of the mom's telling her something, but I didn't want to eaves drop so I left. Miss Hasse runs out in the hall to catch me and ask me if I can still drive. I stood there dumbfounded because I was still in my pajama top with no shower and half applied makeup. Collin still had a portion of his jammies on and no breakfast.

I answered with a dutiful "yes", but told her I had to run home first and get cleaned up. That was the fastest I have moved in a long time -- cleaning out my car, showering, clothing both Collin and I, feeding him breakfast and back to school in 40 minutes -- whew! Thank goodness the field trip was just one to Border's bookstore -- kind of boring, but the kiddies liked it. I had two little girls ride with us and one of them was a riot. I think Collin took a liking to her -- he called her "Hey, Girl". She thought he was hilarious -- that's not how I describe him most of the

Collin and I get back home with our Micky D's lunch to have the phone ring. It's Marisa's school and she's had an accident. Uh-oh, I think. She has a habit of holding her pee than she ends up urinating on herself -- jeez! Not this time though, the secretary tells me with a laugh. She managed to spill her chocolate milk all over her -- I mean saturated. Collin and I pack back up and head to school with a new uniform for her. We head back home and I'm just freaking exhausted. I layed Collin down and I managed to close my eyes for about 40 minutes -- that was nice.

I stopped by my LSS when I picked Marisa up from school and she had the Pressed Petals hip chipchatter I've been wanting . I don't buy one, not two, but three colors. Jeez, I told myself no more sb supply shopping after last week's spending spree -- I got three of Rhonna Farrer's new stamps. Why don't I listen to myself!!! Probably because I know I can get over on I was just supposed to go in and buy two pieces of Scenic Route Charlotte papers which turned into three. I have grown to like these after seeing a bunch of Heather Preckle's layouts using these papers for Mosh-Posh kit club.

I want to scrap with these papers ASAP, but we'll see how the weekend goes. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head that I've feel overwhelmed. Does that happen to anyone else? I've got to go get these out of my brain! Have a happy scrappy weekend!

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