Friday, April 21, 2006

My body

aches!!!! I never finished caulking the tub or started caulking the basement. Nope the beautiful weather kept me outside doing yard work. OH MY LORD, I forgot I had muscles in the places that are aching. I managed to turnover my garden beds, rake the dead grass and then mow the lawn, clean it all up and then fertilize. Oh, and then I decided to do a little brick We had this gap in the cement where this electrician cut it out to run an electrical line to the garage. Well, it's been that was for two years now so instead of waiting on my husband to repair it, I decided to use some of the extra brick pavers and fill it myself. HUM...who needs a

Today my sister popped over and we whipped out 8 thank you cards for her. I like working in an assembly line like that. It went really quick!

I've stayed up until 1-2 am every night for the past four nights scrapping and I'm paying for it today. Soooooooooooooooooo tired and my neice is here so it's not like I can lay everyone down for a nap in a little while. Her and Marisa would throw a fit! They insist that no 6 or 7 year old takes naps anymore. Okay, then.

There's so much more scrapping I want to do today. I need to do a layout for the challenge I posted for the DT I'm on at Keepsake Trends, plus there are so many awesome challenges going on at Just 4 Keeps I wish I could just stay in the basement all day and scrap scrap scrap!!! Off to accomplish something today -- what I don't know :^)

Here's the layout I finished last night. My Marisa at 3 months old....I miss her being that little!

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Tracy said...

I LURVE this LO Tami, it is so feminine and pretty and such a gorgeous photo.

Tracy x