Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am...

going to have a productive day! Repeat-- I am going to have a productive When the kids are on spring break, or any kind of break, I tend to get so lazy. We dont get dressed til...I guess whenever and we have no motivation. Not today, we are dressed and I've clean up, washed two loads of laundry, and have begun to remove the old caulk from the bathroom tub so I can finally recaulk it the right way. Then I am taking the kids outside for a bit to enjoy this *FANTASTIC* weather. After that, it's back to caulking, but this time in the basement. I'm getting that darn thing done if it takes me forever.

Talking about the basement incites For one, the gift card I ordered from my rewards point thing at my bank has never arrived after 6 weeks. It was only supposed to take 3-4 weeks max. I'm waiting on this card so I can get the 10ft countertop for my scrap space. Now I've been informed that the customer service will have to "research" what happened to the darn thing.

Next thing that makes me angry is my husband. I generally love the man, but his darn comments lately p*ss me off. He will do NO, and let me say that again NO, work around this house if he has the kids. In order for him to work on the projects around here I have to be home and have the kids occupied or leave with the kids. Which I have no problem doing, BUT here comes the part that makes me angry--I am supposed to work on the projects around here with kids in tow. Does that make any sense? I think that's one big double standard!! He asks me yesterday if I have started caulking the basement yet?!?! What? So I turned it around on him and said, "Have you?"

This man has developed one bad 1950's attitude about what women are here for. On one hand I'm supposed to cook, clean, take care of kids and the house like a good wife. Oh, and throw in some home improvement stuff like paint, caulk, cut grass, etc. I don't have a problem doing these things at all, but it's like it's expected now on top of all the other stuff. He goes to work - that's it. I don't mean to minimalize what he does because it is a hard job, but when the day's over it's over! What's funny is I've always had a job and been a hard worker, but when I had Marisa we decided it was better for me to stay home. I really wish, looking back, I would have stayed on with some type of part-time work. I think it would've made me feel better about myself and he wouldn't have some "hold" over me about "who earns the money". Well, he may earn it, but the check comes home to Jeez, just typing that phrase peeves me again. I don't know what happened to my kind-hearted husband. Has anyone seen him? Let me know if you do!

So, I'll stop here because I don't want to make this blog a complaining kind of blog. I'll save the complaining and venting for my sis! It will all work out some way or another. But I'll be darned if I become June Cleaver!!! It's never gonna happen!!


Fletch said...

Now take a deep breath ******* and let it out slowly,,,,, Men don't get it. I am so not the June Cleaver type....I have an old frying pan you can have to bop him on the head (I don't need it anymore since my divorce...not for bopping or cooking he he)

Erica said...

I am so with you most days. Even when I worked and he didn't I did the work ;-) Can't live with them..