Saturday, April 15, 2006


I will be attending my sister's and niece's baptism. They are being baptized into the Catholic church. My sister asked me to be her daughter's godmother and I am completely honored. It's weird because as children, my two brothers, my sister, and I were not baptized even though both of my parents were Catholic and attended Catholic school. I guess that happens when you start having children at 16 -- it really isn't the thing on the top of the list.

So as adults, we have all found our own path of religion. My youngest brother chose to be baptized into the Catholic faith, but later on switched to Lutheran. I started going the Lutheran church my brother was attending. I loved it, so I became baptized into that faith. My sister has chosen the Catholic faith and my other brother hasn't decided what to do. He's still kind of hanging out there not quite convinced of attending church. He believes in God, but is very cynical about church. We keep praying for I'm just happy that no matter what the religion we have chosen, we have all found our way to God.

Anywho, here's cards I made for the baptism.

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Janelle said...

Tami, those cards are darling, darling, darling! I used the verse on the bottom card on the layout I did for my nephew's baptism. Such a precious verse. :)

Hope the baptisms went well!