Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Challenge #3

This challenge's question is - What would you do if you didn't scrap?

Honestly, I'd probably just eat...lol

No, really I don't know at all. I'd spend more time at the mall and shopping stores that's for sure which I think might be a little more costly than scrapping but not much :D I might push myself to finally take that sewing class I've always wanted so as to learn how to sew. I still might do that some day, but right now too much of my time is consumed with my favorite hobby.


Amanda L. said...

Love it....eat!!! Keep getting your scrap groove on.....your work is awesome!

Tricia said...

ROFL Tami!!! I could see you shopping for SB supplies!!!

Fletch said...

You'd be bored without scrapping!!

Sheryl said...

Keep scrapping Tami!!!! You do awesome work!