Friday, May 16, 2008

My new favorite picture

of Marisa! I played around with some new actions I downloaded for PSE 5.0 off the web. The one I applied to this picture is called the Lomo Action. After applying the action, I decided to then turn it black and white for a neutral look so I could use any patterned paper.

Make sure to Google "actions for photoshop elements". You will be surprised how many free ones are out there. Adding them to 5.0 for use is a whole other thing. If you get that far, you can email me and I'll pass along the info I found after being on the internet for two Just make sure to have fun playing with your pictures once you get the actions installed :D

PSSS!!! I just stumbled upon this site -- Pioneer Woman Photography
I don't know if you've ever visited her cooking site, but this lady is phenomenal! I guess I never browsed her website well enough to realize she did photography, too...duh! I should have realized her pictures were too good and made all the food look mouthwatering like it was right in front of you. Anyhoo, I just love her writing style -- she cracks me up!! Make sure to go take a peek!

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