Monday, November 10, 2008

The sick bugs....

have struck our home again!! This is the main reason I can't stand this season -- well, I should say fall and winter -- blech! If there is a bug to be caught, someone in my family will catch it. Thankfully it's never been anything drastic or life threatening, but nonetheless it's one that puts one or many of us down.

Collin is now sick with another sinus infection that has traveled to his chest. Yes, he has a lovely cough! Marisa has now contracted a viral infection that has her lying in bed with a 102.3 fever that I can't seem to get to go down no matter how much motrin/tylenol I give her. She is complaining of a sore throat and stomach pains....poor kid! Dave has a nasty sinus/chest infection. Lots of yuckies with his coughing...blech!

So with all of this circulating, Trav and I are mananging to ward off the sick bugs and hopefully it stays that way!

I've been busy creating. I actually finished a Maya Road house for their "Home for the Holidays" contest. I didn't think I would pull it off because I always start something with good intentions and then run out of time... so for just finishing it I am proud! I don't know if you can post the pics of it so I'll hold off for now, but promise I'll come back with them by next Sunday.

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Laura Vigliarolo said...

I want to see pictures, Caroline won't care, she saw mine on my blog before I submitted it.