Monday, August 20, 2007

Pictures from the Concert

Rose, me, Pam & Tracy
on the Riverfront

Getting a shot with Kenny!

A rooftop view of the Detroit River and Canada from the Flip Flop Summer Hotel party!

Tracy on air talking to Erica Lynn the DJ hosting the party for 106.7

I think Pam was trying to call Kenny to see if she could get us backstage..LOL!!

When Kenny sings "Back Where I Come From" it gives me chills to see pictures of my hometown -- the Big D!!

I just love the fact that every time Kenny comes to town, Uncle Kracker comes down to sing their "When the Sun Goes Down" song together!! WOO HOO! Uncle Kracker is a distant neighbor to my brother in Harrison Township -- must sneak on his property to see if I can meet

This is how STINKIN' CLOSE I got to this man!! I snuck down to the main floor and when Kenny came walking by the right side of the stage I was able to get this cool shot of him!


Shanna said...

ooooooooooooh....lucky hooker! ;)

Chris said...

wowsa awesome pics!