Friday, April 25, 2008

What a turn out!

We couldn't believe how many people showed up, those who weren't even workers of AA&M, and then those like us who brought their family members. You felt pride that you were a part of something so big and a part of people (the little people) trying to stand up to the big guy who wants to take us down. I believe in being fair across the board. You want concessions, then let's have EVERYONE take them -- especially the executives at the top!!

I love the signs this little girl had on her!!
These signs speak the truth for many who are facing tough times and on the verge of losing their homes.

We all walked the streets and rallied around what they call the "Glass House" entrance. It was getting loud and we were chanting.
All in all every one stayed peaceful. There were only a few that wanted to start to get riled up, but they soon calmed down. I made sure that the kids and I stayed close to Dave and on the outside of the whole crowd. I'm not one for mass crowds anyway and definitely can't handle being in the center of all the madness.

So the kids, Dave, and myself are all standing on the sidewalk taking in the awe of it all. We turn to our right and this is what we see coming at the crowd! YIKES!! All I kept thinking is please don't let these police officers go crazy. We all know what the Detroit Police can do...I've seen it firsthand.

The police officers actually ended up being very congenial and just directing the crowd. The should know what it's like because they, too, are part of a union.

The best part of it all was being with our children and in the end having them say, "We're glad we could be here with you, daddy!"

So then I came home to a WHOPPING headache. I knew I wasn't feeling well for the past week and had made an appointment to see the doctor. I was so thankful I did. I went to find out it was more than the allergies bothering me. Yep, it had went into a sinus/chest infection. GREAT! I spent the rest of the day dying on the couch. My sweet hubby went to get my prescriptions and thankfully they seem to be helping me already by this morning. Still tons of congestion, but at least it's breaking up!

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