Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

We've had so much fun yesterday and today!! My side of the family was over for Christmas Eve and we celebrated with crafts and games -- my SIL Rose came out the big winner!

We had an awesome morning with the kids waking up bright and early of course. My mom spent the night and we always enjoy having her here Christmas morning. The kids ran and woke her up instead of I loved seeing their smiling faces and looks of shock as they opened each one of their gifts. Let's just say Santa was good this year! Mom and Dad had to take credit for the Wii that they got which they totally did not expect us to get with the fact that we just got back from Disney. They LOVE it and spent the whole morning playing all their games. Marisa especially loves the Wii Music.

I got a few goodies of my own that I wanted including a new Canon 50-250mm IS lens, hot rollers to help give my hair a new look now and, and a new blender because my other one no longer would crush the ice. I loved all my gifts!!

The best news came a bit later when my niece Gabby called to talk to Marisa. She was telling her what she got for Christmas. I then hear Marisa say, "Aunt Pam is having a baby!" I said, "What!!" Thinking I just saw her but then things started to add up. She wouldn't take her vest off yesterday and was bundled in a sweater with her scarf wrapped around her. We told her to take it off and stay a while. She commented she was cold. UM-Hum now I know why things have been as they have lately -- that explained it I'm so happy for her and Gabby. I LOVE LOVE LOVE babies, especially when they are other peoples

We're off to my inlaws to celebrate the rest of the day with them. Dave's sister and brother just drove in today from Florida with all their family. Another fun day ahead..yippeee!!

I wish you all the best this wonderful holiday!! God bless!

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cass said...

okay the disney pics are wonderful, but i don't see you anywhere!!!! hopefully there are some :)