Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

First let me start you off with a delicious chocolate sucker that I made

Then I must show you that silly little girl of mine who absolutely loves to dress up with accessories for every holiday. She went to school yesterday with all her gear She ROCKS!!

And then here's a little something I've started working on for my sister's baby shower. I saw this cute little treat on Two Peas and had to make some. I've wrapped most of the bags of popcorn and then decided to jump over to producing a final project to see if I liked it. I do! The "hip pregnant mama" is a digi file that I purchased from Designer Digitals. I wanted a stamp, but I talked myself out of it because I knew I'd only use it once and that wouldn't justify the cost. Here I paid only $1.75 for the file and after using it 40 times, I think I can justify that. Plus, with a stamp I'd have to color them in and that I will not

I have so many ideas for this baby shower that I need to get in gear!! That's what I promised myself from now on -- less computer time and more constructive time!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and share it with someone you love. My hubby got grandma to take Collin for the night and Marisa will be at a birthday sleepover, so we're going out!! WOO HOO! Where I don't know yet, but I better get to making some plans. I know he didn't go that far and if I leave it up to him we will be walking the aisles of Lowes again

to you all!!


Angela said...

First timer here.....great blog!

Those suckers look really yummy....your daughter looks so stinkin cute with those big glasses on.

BTW, love the card that you made....gotta love babies!

Have a great weekend.

Kim in OK said...

Those suckers look totally delicious and your daughter is so funny with her valentine's "gear"! Too fun!

If the rest of your ideas for the baby shower is as good as youe announcement, then it will be an AWESOME party!

chelemom said...

Yummy suckers!!! Love, love, love the invitation!!! So cute!