Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Shower Bliss!

Okay -- so that isn't the best title, but it describes the fun we had. Dang! I forgot how much work a party can be and especially when it's at a hall on the other side of town and you have to pack EVERYTHING in your vehicle to take with you!! I managed and so did my sister-in-law, Rose. Rosie was a great help and I'm so thrilled she helped with the shower. Thank you, Rose!!! My sister was beautiful -- it's the baby glow...hee hee...and she received a lot of presents. She so deserved this day and I'm glad we could give it to her.

Here are a bunch of pictures to share from the shower and goodies I made for it.

The marquee sign display...too cool! I stood in the freezing rain waiting for this sign to rotate so I could finally get a picture.

Jennifer made a deliciously beautiful cake -- yellow and cherry chip...mmmmmm!!

I made these little decorations which were easy and cute! Here is where I got the idea from :D

My busy sister who can't sit still and hates to have her picture taken...ugh! LOL
See what I mean...

A diaper cake I made for a gift. Hey, I finally realized what I could use that big ole tag I bought ions ago

My sister and Gabby reading a homemade card from my sweet Marisa. Seriously, her words choked everyone up!! My sister actually teared up reading what Marisa wrote. I have to get my sister to read it to me again so I can copy it down. She made me proud with that one!!

Gabby LOVES skulls and was delighted to get this t-shirt from Marisa and I which I purchased online from here. I blinged it up a bit at the bottom. As you can see, the minute the gift opening was over, she had changed her outfit and put her new t-shirt that kid!!

And lastly, here is the baby book I worked on for what seems like forevah!! LOL Actually, I took more time collecting supplies and thinking about it than actually working on it. I still owe my sister a few more pages, but I had decided to give it to her at the shower rather than wait. You can click on the picture to make it larger and please excuse the poor shots. I forgot to take pictures before wrapping and therefore had to take them after the shower in poor lighting...ugh!

And may I just say that I am utterly and completely EXHAUSTED today!! As I type this I'm still in my pajamas and loving every minute. My brain has been on overtime a lot this past week and needs a break, so I'm taking

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Jana Eubank said...

Oh, my word, TAMI!!!! What an amazing party! You are like the best sister EVAH!!! And that book just knocked me off my feet! IT'S ADORABLE!!! It's apparent how much love and hard work went into that!!! Your sis is so lucky!