Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My new little nephew...

Gavin has arrived! I couldn't be more happier! See I just LOVE babies, but don't want any more for myself. However when those around me have them, I just can't get enough and end up being known as the "baby hog"...LOL I don't care though because I'm selfish ;^) If my sister lived closer, I'd be there all the time with that new little guy of hers. He's so precious...and so far he seems to be a good baby, but I know very well that things can change. I'm praying for her sake Gavin stays sweet and content.

Here are some pictures I took this afternoon when I went to visit with them at the hospital.

and here he is with his big sister, Gabby. I think she's really going to love him even though she's had a hard time wrapping her little head around the idea of having to share her mommy after all this time.

So there he is...my newest scrappy subject...lol Plan on seeing him in lots of future layouts ;^)


The new BPM kits have debuted and they're another GORGEOUS set!! The solo features the Fancy Pants Delightful line

and the Medley features Lilly Bee, Fancy Pants Summer Soiree, and Crate Paper Little Sprout.

OH! And look at these 'delicious' stamps! Yummo!

If you like any or all of what you see, you can order from here.

I don't get to show you any of my creations this month because I took on the spot of doing the member layouts which consists of six double-page layouts using the three sketches I create each month. If I get a chance later, I'll try to take some obscure shots. That's a big TRY as I have to work tomorrow and then I have a yard that is screaming my name!

Have a happy scrappy day, peeps!

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Jana Eubank said...

What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations, Aunt Tami! ;)