Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camping fun!

This past weekend we headed to our favorite camping KOA in Monroe. Each year we go to enjoy the Halloween fun and to inhale the smell of campfires...ahhh! Well, of course just like last year, some one got sick from all the fresh air...lol Actually it was two of us -- Marisa and I. Marisa got the cold and I got a sore throat that I'm afraid might be strep, but not 100% sure so I'm going to get it checked out tomorrow. I'm going to share some photos of our spooky weekend. It just comes and goes so fast, so thank goodness for pictures or I might not remember it!

Our tent...as I told my SIL, she cast us out of the village...lol

Gabby and Marisa decorating their pumpkins.

Collin loved riding this rental bike as he still hasn't mastered riding a two-wheeler yet :(

These were some of the pumpkins decorated for the contest.

Okay...I never laughed harder when I saw my brother dressed up in his costume. Total Austin Powers! Groovy, baby!

And here are most of us dressed up in our costumes. This is the first year I dressed up...lol

I just loved Marisa's costume!

A picture of the beautiful scenery!

I'm definitely going to be printing up these pictures and scrapping them soon!

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Kim in OK said...

That looks like SO much fun!!!