Thursday, June 01, 2006

blogger challenge

We're talking about cooking today!

I love to cook especially when it's appreciated. I'm always willing to try new recipes that have ingredients that I like. Sometimes I take the leap and try new things. My favorite things to make are desserts, but I'm also a big fan of Mexican and Italian dishes.

I'm trying to think of what I'm known for cooking. I know my brother used to love when I made homemade Slim Jims with my own recipe for tartar sauce. I make these awesome chicken enchiladas. Oh, I make this meatloaf that is truly delicious. It must be good because my husband couldn't stand meatloaf before and now he loves this one. There's lots of other things I make -- cookies, pies, pasta dishes....all this talk of food is making me hungry!! I'm back to the Weight Watchers way and I am continually hungry!!!! Somebody pass me some carrot sticks!!!

Oh, I'll share a quick recipe I found the other day for anyone who likes strawberry shortcake. This recipe is called "Better Than Strawberry Shortcake"

Mix: one pack of cream cheese (1/3 reduced fat)
one regular sized tub of light cool whip
1/2 cup Splenda

Buy: an angel food cake (or make your favorite recipe) and cut it up into medium sized cubes

Clean: and cut fresh strawberries in half (remove the green leaves from the top).

Layer:Take a deep glass dish and add a base of angel food cake cubes, add half of the cream cheese/cool whip/splenda mixture, and add a layer of strawberries,

...add another round of angel food cake cubes, the last of the cream cheese/cool whip/splenda mixture, and top it off with strawberries.

*And if you are a blueberry fan, add those, too! It gives it a more patriotic look for an independence day celebration.

It's delicious!!!! Enjoy it!


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Yum Tami! I am so making that Better than strawberry shortcake recipe this weekend!