Sunday, June 18, 2006

Catching Up!

Well, I've fallen behind on keeping up with the blog. That happens when you're chasing kiddies and puppy around. The summer vacation has been uneventful so far. We've just been hanging out in the backyard and swimming in our little pool.

Marisa's dance recital was yesterday. She was so sweet!! I can't believe how well she does in dance. She has kind of said she doesn't want to go back because she would like to start ice skating, but I think I'm going to have her take one class. She is good and that's not being biased. She really gets into it! Here's a picture of her in her costume -- she looks like a teenager!

Travis bleached his hair for the summer. He always does this as a tradition for the past few years. This time his step-dad Howard had the priviledge of doing it. I swear he did a better job than both his mother or myself!!! I told Travis to tell Howard I'm coming over so he can hook me up with some highlights!!

Lil' Cooper is getting bigger and better as far as the housetraining. He still has his accidents, but they are fewer. He's gotten pretty smart with going to the bathroom in one spot behind the garage and so far we've all done pretty good with keeping up on scooping the poop. I cannot stand to have funky brown spotted grass with big hunks of poo! That was the agreement that we would all take part in picking this up. Now, it makes it easier being they are very small, but one day as I remember very well from our last GSP, they will become BIG!!!

Today was Father's Day and ours was pretty low key and laid back. We like it that way. I let Dave sleep in late partly because he was up with Cooper on and off during the nigh...ugh! I made him breakfast and we bought him a present which wasn't much -- shoes shoes and more shoes. He asked for work shoes, so we bought him those. Then I bought him a pair of dress shoes and a pair of gym shoes. He's set for the next Here's a quick picture of him and his kids minus Collin who is going through the stage of not wanting to be in front of the camera.

We did go out to dinner yesterday evening to celebrate Marisa's recital and Father's Day all in one. We made the big trip to Olive Garden and believe me when I say big trip because my husband is not one to go out to dinner with the kids. Plus my mom, sister, and niece came along too. Gosh, I love their food even though it's too expensive for freaking noodles!

That's all for now folks! Have a great night!!!

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Deanna Payne said...

Oh my goodness! You are going to have to beat the boys away! She is so beautiful!