Tuesday, June 06, 2006


that's how I would describe my most recent mood. I cry over a drop of a dime. At first I thought it was lack of sleep from the new puppy and it still might be, but I really think it is because come this time of year when school ends it hits me that my baby girl is getting older. Another year has come and gone and she's now moving on to second grade and the next thing you know, she'll be graduating.

For the past week she has told me that she doesn't want school to end. She wants to stay in Miss Hasse's class forever because she loves her. That shows what a positive impact her teacher and school has had on her. I picked her up today and she bawled her eyes out hugging me in the hallway. I had to gasp back my tears and explain to her that just because she would no longer be in Miss Hasse's class didn't mean she would never see her again. That poor girl cried and cried and even passed up swimming in the pool this afternoon and took a nap. Whew -- I must be super PMSing because I can't stop crying thinking about that moment and the past year in general. She has grown up so much learning to read and write, mathematics, science and all the neat projects she has brought home. Gosh, I love that little girl of mine for the sensitive caring soul she is!!! Now to find a tissue again!!

Another mother and myself put together a book for the Miss Hasse. Each child had to complete a sentence that stated why Miss Hasse was special. Of course 7 kids didn't turn theirs in, so Sheri and I made simple layouts of those kids with their names on it. I think the book turned out simplistically nice. Miss Hasse loved it, and thanked me for taking the time. She even said I was sooo creative...thanks Miss Hasse!


Erica said...

Very cute idea.

I cry all the time about my kids growing up! I feel so old sometimes. I am only 25 and Chey will be 10 soon! Why do they have to grow!!!!

Amy said...

I just signed my oldest up for pre-school which had me crying...can't belive she's big enough for it yet!

Louisa said...

Crying! I don't think I have stopped since Bethany started Kindergarten this year. Time just goes to fast. And your book is too cute Tami, you are very talented.