Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where does the time go?

I've been so bad with this blogging thing now that summer's here and the kids have me hopping. Yesterday was my 37th birthday...ugh the number keeps getting I had a laid back day with no big plans. I took the kids to see Monster House. Okay, so I never saw the previews and I went based on Marisa's incessant begging. That was a pretty scary movie for the little ones. Travis handled it fine, of course, but Marisa held onto his arm and covered her eyes in it. Collin kept jumping on my lap and cramming his head into my chest. I thought we might have to leave, but we made it through. It was an "okay" movie by my standards. I still like Cars the best.

Dave took me out to the new Abuelo's mexican restaurant and then we went for a drive, looked at some used cars and then went for coffee. We were going to go to a movie, but it was impromptu and we missed all the start times. It was nice though just getting out alone. We've got to do more of that.

I was in the Last Scrapper Standing Constest at Just4Keeps and that took up most of my brain power. The contest was awesome and helped me produce some of the best layouts. That contest always helps to stretch you out of your comfort zone to create layouts or albums you wouldn't otherwise. I ended up making to the final round. I completed the second only mini album I ever attempted and love how it turned out. I didn't win, but the prize went to an awesome scrapper who's book deserved the ultimate prize...Erica! Through the whole challenge this super woman renovated her new home. She would get home in the wee hours and scrap for this challenge. Now that's some motivation because I know sleep would've won me over and I would've had to drop out. Congratulations to you again, Erica!!

Here are my layouts:

WK. 1 We had to use Henna inspiration on our layouts.

WK. 2 We had to use shapes

WK. 3 How you want to be remembered and use a quote on your layout

WK. 4 We had to use our five senses to remember where we were when an event occured

WK. 5 We had to use a Shel Silverstein poem or create one that was inspired by his type of poetry

WK. 6 The mini album!! We had to create one based on a life's journey about any adult, but we couldn't indicate by pictures or names that we were the scrapper. HARD!

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