Thursday, January 11, 2007


we celebrated Travis' 13th birthday being that he won't be here with us on his actual birthday which is tomorrow. Boy, where has the time gone. I met this little boy when he was just turning three and now he's going to be a teenager! I don't think he's the type of kid who will ever give any of us a hard time, but then again those hormones are going to start

I made him a cake and let me tell you that was the best darn cake I've ever made if I say so myself. I used a box cake but kicked it up a notch and then made my own chocolate frosting....mmmmmm it was so delicioso! I had to send most of it away because I could do some damage to myself with that

Travis is a boy that loves to shop -- getting all trendy now and has to wear the latest and greatest. He really wanted a brown vest that was all sold out at Gap, so I overheard him and ran out to get one at the last minute, of course, at Old Navy. He was so geeked! I was even more geeked because Old Navy had an awesome sale going on :^)

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