Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lots to talk about!

Okay, first off I got the BEST news today!!!! I was asked to be the guest designer for the month of November at Creative Scrap Shack How exciting!!

Next, we had a great Halloween with a bunch of trick-or-treating that left me exhausted. I think that was more from all of the candy I My kids just love Halloween as much as I do, but poor little Collin doesn't enjoy the walking part. He literally only walked our block and then told me he was done...WHAT!! So Marisa and I headed over to another subdivision and continued on. We ran into one of her schoolmates and the mom and I just started chatting it up. She was a hoot and before I knew it 1 1/2 hours flew by!

And then some more exciting news. Yes, we finally purchased another vehicle. Now that winter is looming, we knew it was time to store the Camero. I can't believe I found this amazing vehicle by chance. I had been looking and looking for an afordable SUV, but had come to the conclusion that it wasn't going to happen. But as luck would have it, I logged on to Craigslist one more time on a Sunday morning and found this beauty ---->
Doesn't it look good sitting in my driveway....LOL I waxed and washed her until she shined like a baby's buttisimo! Then of course that very night it rained! Oh, well, at least I got a good picture. I had to get new tires as of yesterday because I woke up to a flat. Somewhere along the way searching for a pumpkin I ran over a huge chunk of metal. NICE! Well, it needed new tires anyway so that's one thing checked off the list.

Well off to scrap! Trying to get things done in a timely manner *grin*


Sandie said...

Congrats on the GDT spot!! Love your new car *drool*

Tricia said...

CONGRATULATIONS TAMI!!!! I am so excited to see your GORGEOUS work this month!!!!

Kim in OK said...

Yo, Tami! Congrats on the GDT & on the awesome car! It's definately shiny. :)