Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 39th Birthday

to me!!! Yep, it's after 1 am on so it's officially my day. I'm holding on to 39 FOREVAH!! ..hee hee I can remember thinking this age was old. I can remember being 22 and my mom and dad being 39...where did time go?? It's just a number I keep telling myself. Yep, that's what I'll go off to bed soon repeating over and over...lol

I did have a lucky week so far. My sister won Kenny Chesney tickets on the radio along with the boat pre-party passes --- WOO HOO!!! We already have tickets, but we needed the boat passes. So she'll sell the tickets off. Then I hand my cell to Travis to be the 25th caller on a local radio station to win Jessie McCartney and Jordan Sparks tickets. The phone rings, rings, rings and I tell him to hand it back just in case we are the winner. I hear...25. I say, "Am I the 25th caller???" Yep, I sure was!! Woo HOO!! Why couldn't it be money, though???LOL I gave the two tickets to Travis for him and a friend to go...nice stepmom that I am :D He was THRILLED to say the least!

Sunday evening my mom and sister took me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants -- Slows BBQ...yummo!! I'll have to post pictures as soon as I can get them downloaded. Darn computer is not recognizing the old camera. That's a whole other story...my computer! I decided to run a cleaner on it to solve ONE ISSUE and let's just say I have MANY ISSUES now...jeez! But back to the dinner...it was AWESOME!! My sister is the BEST!! I just love her to pieces I swear!! She sure knows how to make a birthday special :D

I best be off to get some good sleep. Wrinkles start creeping in at this age...lol
Have a wonderful day!!!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday Tami!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

Carol A. said...

Oh wow Tami...I am so sorry I missed it. I sure hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day!!!