Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary...

to us yesterday! Ten years!! Wow! While I won't say it feels like yesterday it certainly flew by quickly. When I got home from work, the kids had made us this beauty of a card with their scrap sweet!!! Love those kiddos!

Love my hubby, too! here's to another 20 yrs. because as Dave always puts it "30 and out"He's sooooo funny...not Love him anyway!


Carol A. said...

Happy Anniversary Tami and Dave!!!

Shanna said...

Happy Anniversary Tami! Hope it was sweet!

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary!
I hope that your surprise party coming up is a great success!!
Your work is so awesome! I love all the layers and detail-YOU totally inspire me!
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog the other day-it TOTALLY made my day and gave me a huge smile!!

Tam, I am said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!