Sunday, August 03, 2008


After four Kenny Chesney concerts we finally did it!!!! My SIL Rose got us "meet & greet" passes by talking to a local radio station fellow she has met a few times now at the Diamond Back Saloon when my brother and her kick up their boots for a night. I couldn't believe it!!! Next thing I heard her calling me, the DJ yelled for me, and then I ran over. I waved the banner from his radio station and next thing I know we were handed passes and on an elevator down to stand in line to meet KENNY!!

Now mind you it's not like you're sitting down for a lunch date, but HEY we'll take what we can get :D We stood in line to get our picture taken and have him sign something for us. I only had my 106.7 Party Pass, so I had him sign that. Thank goodness I had my camera around my neck and that the battery lasted to get two more pictures. Of course my battery light had to come on and indicate it was low at a time like this. We were like giddy teenagers!! Here's a bunch of pictures from our day of fun!

I must interject here and point out an observation I made...Kenny looks like he is a cardboard poster, but seriously it was the REAL him! He looked darn tired like they woke him up for this, but he was super nice and even gave me an extra pat on my Rosie gave him a big ole' hug and he said "thank you" which she then responded with "no, thank you!"

Rose is Kenny's BIGGEST FAN! Can you see the excitement in her face as she's calling everyone to tell them what just happened to us!

A picture of the group right before we boarded the Detroit Princess.

CUTE HUH??!!??

A view of the city from the Detroit Princess

Rose, Traci, and Pam talking to Chuck Edwards from 99.5 WYCD (one of the local country radio stations). He promised that if I emailed him, he would send us out some t-shirts as they were all out. Let's see if he holds to his

Ford Field on the outside

and jam packed with fans on the inside!

And this is always my favorite part of the show...when Uncle Kracker (a talent from our area who lives just blocks away from my possibly know him from being Kid Rock's musical buddy) comes out and sings "When the Sun Goes Down" with Kenny! I just love it!

AHHH! What a night..what a night!


Alissa103 said...

Wow, Tami!!! How cool is that?! Looks like you had THE BEST time :-) Yay!!!

Carol A. said...

Wahoo awesome is this? Can't wait to see these in a layout!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

sounds like you had a great time!!!!!

Gina Hanson said...

OOOooo . . . Tami, I'm so jealous!!! And I thought I was his biggest fan! LOL :D I'll never forget the time that I won a meet and greet pass for Kenny and didn't get to go because I didn't have tickets for that particular show. Someone would have thought that someone close to me died . . . I was devastated!!! LOL :)