Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The Christmas decorations are finally put up! I didn't go all out, but the essentials are there. It has taken me forever this year and I don't know why I didn't enjoy it like I usually do. I did pick up a few more snowmen for the top of my entertainment armoire. Love the color of these new little guys -- cream with olive and barn red accents. Oh, what a love I have for snowmen!!

As far as the outside lights, the main ones are up. It got way to frigid around here for me to attempt the rest. It's so cold that I don't even want to go outside to take a picture to show you all.....brrrrrrrrr

I had such a blast taking these photos. Honestly this is something I have never done with such detail. I had gotten an email and in it were some tips on how to take photos of your Christmas tree lighted without having to use special lenses. Usually you get that blurring effect, but not this time!! I just have a Kodak digital, but I'm loving the way these photos turned out. Well, off to get a cup of hot cocoa because I am continually cold anymore!

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