Thursday, December 01, 2005

Well, at least someone in this house finished decorating their tree!! Marisa and Travis decorated her tree last night. Marisa just loves this purple princess tree we purchased for her two years ago. Believe it or not it was a bribe to get her to sleep in her new room. We had just finished her room on December 21, 2003 and she would not sleep in it. We did it all up in a beautiful Disney pink paints and I even colorwashed it; new comforter, furniture; the whole 9 and 1/2 yards!!! She still would not sleep in it. I resorted to buying her the tree hoping and praying she would get out of my bed and into her own.

While the house was under construction...actually, when Collin was born in July 2002 she moved her way into my bed and stayed there. They were supposed to share her room which was still a cute nursery bedroom until we figured something else out, but Marisa couldn't sleep in there because Collin was always crying and secondly because she was afraid to be in her new big bed all alone.

I know people have their opinions about kids sleeping in bed with them, but my opinion has always been "what the heck, they won't be little forever!!" I mean if she was 15 wanting to bunk with me nightly, then I might have worried. Wait a sec, I think I would still let them crawl in bed with me. They're my kiddies and it makes them feel safe and I love snuggling with them!

Well, she's now finally in her own bed for over two years, but still occassionally sneaks into my bed when she's had a bad dream. Only now Collin has taken over where she left off. Every night he gets out of his bed and I will find he's crawled into mine. Usually the kick in the side is what indicates he's arrived!! Marisa gets bummed now because if she sees that he's in bed with me already, she knows she can't crawl in. I have a king size bed, but the three of us cannot sleep comfortably in it with all the tossing and turning and kicking those two do!!!

I've gone off subject, but hey that's what I do best. I'm bound and determined to finish lighting our Christmas tree tonight. I did put up some more lights outside only to find out two of the strands I needed to finish it up were burned out. I refuse to go light by light to figure out which one needs replacing. I will get new lights. Hey, always a reason to go shopping! Off to decorate now that talking about it has put me in the mood.

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Julie said...

You mean they are not supposed to sleep with me, LOL!! Good luck with the decorating.