Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I think I'm losing my mind!

All week long I have continually either forgot to do something or forgot something. I have felt out of whack all week. When this happens, I really feel like I've been in outerspace or Yesterday at Collin's class we walk in and they're painting shirts. Okay, I don't remember anyone mentioning to bring a shirt this week! I searched my brain because usually I'm not this bad at remembering, but it came to me that no one did tell me to bring a shirt. Okay, so now I didn't feel so bad. Collin wants nothing to do with the arts & crafts part of the class anyway. WHAT, I say??? Are you my child??? All kids and especially my Marisa love arts & crafts. Not Collin :( Give him a train, plane, car, or anything else that goes fast and he's in heaven.

This week has been Lutheran Schools week at Marisa's school. Each day has been some new way to dress. I have forgotten to take pictures of the last two days because of course we have run late. Today is dress like the 50's. Oh, she was so darn mad that I didn't have poodle skirt for her to wear. Oh, yeah, sure Marisa we'll just go out and buy one or better yet I'll sew one for you --- UH NOOOOOO!! I made her wear a pair of jean capris that had a rolled up cuff, a white shirt with a cute little scarf around her neck and a high ponie with a scarf around that. Maybe she won't be all
dirty after school and I'll get her to pose for me -- that won't be a

Guess what? I had to go for an eye exam last week because my eyes, especially the right one was turning pink and itching and burning. I knew it wasn't pink eye because first off there was no gook oozing out (yuk!) and it would come and go. So off to the eye place where the doctor proceeds to do an eye exam. I didn't go for that but what the hey my insurance covers one exam a year free. Guess what he tells me? Yep, I need glasses. I have an astigmatism in both eyes. Oh, I'm feeling old!! My eyes are now failing me, too!!! The itchy pink eye is from my eyes drying out -- what I kind of figured! This happened to me last year, too.

So my insurance covers one pair of glasses a year, but of course they want me to get a pair of reading glasses too. She starts rambling off this and that and I say WHOA!!! Wait a minute! How much is this going to cost me? $200 more dollars in addition to what the insurance is covering and that's just for one pair. Uh, no, just give me the plain-jane glasses please. I don't know if I will wear them anyway. I'll get the reading glasses from the dollar

Why is it when you get glasses they take a while to get used to? I feel more awkward and out of balance with these things on, but I do notice they help with reading the computer screen.

Well, enough of my ramblings. Here's a layout I did for a journaling challenge at my beloved Just4Keeps. It was a Q&A style of journaling. This layout is way out of my norm, but that's what the paper called for I believe. It's the new BG Urban Couture -- really pretty flowing stuff! Can you believe Marisa took this picture of me? Well, I did crop it and touch it up using Photo Shop. I even printed this on my printer -- I can't believe it printed so well! I don't really have a mole on my upper lip. I think something was on the scanner bed. I had to laugh when I saw that!

Journaling reads:
My real name is Tamara, but I've always gone by Tami. Today is March 1, 2006 and I’m 36 years old.

Inside, I feel like I'm what age:
~ I feel like I’ve been stuck at 25 forever although my energy level is no where near that age anymore.

A goal I'm working on right now:
~ Trying to make myself exercise. I have good intentions each and every day, but I don’t make it a priority like I need to.

My most recent achievement:
~ I finished painting the area of the basement that is my scrap space and I some what organized it.

The last gift I bought for someone:
~ I bought Gabby and Marisa a CD.

The last CD I bought:
~ Sad to say it wasn’t one for me rather it was the gifts I bought Marisa and Gabby –Bratz Rock Angels

My current favorite song is:
~ There are many, but the one that’s coming to mind is Josh Gracin’s new song “Your Man”

The last movie I saw in the theatre:
~ Chronicles of Narnia with Marisa

The last book I read:
~ Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

The last new thing I learned:
~ What an astigmatism is.

What I'm wearing right now:
~ White v-neck t-shirt, jeans and gym shoes – ready to run out the door.

The last person I talked to on the phone:
~ My sister-in-law Rose

What I ate for breakfast today:
~ A bowl of oatmeal with honey and a touch of milk

What is the weather like right now:
~ Sunny and cold

Something I'm saving up for right now:
~ My trip to Edmond, OK to meet my J4K pals

Someone I think about a lot:
~ I think a lot about Dave and his health, Marisa, Collin and Travis, but I also think a lot about my dad and how much I miss him

The last person I helped:
~ Marisa

The last thing I apologized for:
~ Having a bad attitude with my children

Something I'm worried about:
~Dave and his health, the security and overall well-being of my children, and lately I’ve been worried about my health

What I wish for when I see a shooting star:
~ Health, wealth, and a long lasting life

What my plans are for the rest of the day:
~ Dave took the day off and we’re headed to Taylor Lanes to sign Travis and him up for the Pro-Am bowling tournament which is a surprise for Travis. He’s going to be so geeked!

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Julie said...

I am in outerspace lately too!! I just can't get it together!!

Love the LO!!