Thursday, March 02, 2006

Is it March already???

Whew, I can't believe we're already two days into March. Here comes one of my favorite times of year -- Spring and Easter. The weather around these parts doesn't dare begin to match the idea I have in my head of spring, but I know it's near.

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with a few packzi's. MMMMMMmmmmm were they delicicious!! I have to say they are the best I've ever had and I got them at the local super market and not a bakery.

I finished two layouts this week. I have found I'm much more creative in my new space. It's not quite done yet, enough to take photos of any way, but I just love being in it a creating! Plus I get lots of inspiration from my favorite place on the world wide webJust 4 Keeps!! The gallery's been a rocking over there with lots of liftable layouts and ideas. These gals rock!

Here's my two creations. The second one I couldn't get to scan and stitch right because it had lots of lumpy stuff on it. I swear I'm going to get a large format scanner one of these days!

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carola said...

Wonderful layout's Tami!
I'm loving them!!!