Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fun Friday!

Marisa and I went to see the musical Annie last night at the Masonic Temple with a friend of her's from school and her mom. Sheri and Kristine were so much fun to hang out with. First off we went to dinner at Papa Vino's -- oooo, good food. I love going out to dinner, but unforunately Dave doesn't. So it always happens that I either go with my sister or a friend, but I love to go to a good restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere.

The musical was lots of fun, but unfortunately we had the last row in the whole place. Tight seating and a big head in front of me kept me bobbing from side to side. Nonetheless, it was a good time had by all of us. There was only one downside -- when we left our seats at intermission, we left our coats on them. I asked Sheri if she thought they would be okay, and she said sure. We come back from getting a pop and low and behold someone stole her daughter's jacket. I couldn't believe it!!

Then we started putting 2 and 2 together and figured out the people that were next to her never came back to their seats. I didn't see their faces, so I couldn't recognize them if I were standing face to face with any of them. Well, I kept seeing Sheri look over and down to her left and not at the show. Right after the musical ended, Sheri started looking around and headed that way with us following. I was thinking she must have someone in mind so I just continued behind her. We come across these people and I look over as Sheri starts to ask if that's her daughter's coat in their chair. I see the coat and am first thinking maybe it was an accident that they picked it up. Oh, no, you should have seen the busted look on their faces. The lady says to her friend, "Oh, I thought I told you to take that coat back up there." Her friend says, "Ooops, sorry." Sheri just grabbed the coat and walked away. I gave a disgusted look and followed after her. I can't believe they would steal another child's coat and let her walk out in the cold. The little girl with them had a coat on!! Jeez, the nerve of people!!

After talking to Sheri, it was plain to see that they stole it. First off, she wrapped up the coat in hers and left it in the seat. When we got back to our chairs, her coat was laid on the back of her chair with Kristen's gone. So one of the ladies opened her seat and took the coat out. Second off, when Sheri thought she saw the people who were sitting next to her in another location, she noticed that they kept turning around and looking up our way. Anyway, I'm glad Kristin got her coat back and those people were exposed and didn't get away with it.

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Julie said...

Tami that really stinks about the coat!!