Wednesday, February 08, 2006


that's the question I ask myself. Why do I sit here on the computer when I really want to scrap yet I don't know what I want to scrap. I feel a little bit of a scrapper's block coming on. I haven't had any pictures inspire me lately enough to want to tackle going down in the dungeon and play with my goodies. I have been just ordering tons of stuff lately and not using any of it. Why??? I ask myself once again. I really feel it has to do with my disorganized space. I was all gung-ho about painting tonight because I finally picked out a color to paint the walls, but the paint store was closed at 5. WHY?? I can't figure out why they close at 5 p.m. So now the desire to paint has subsided...sigh* Here's the paint colors I went with:

The red is actually the color of the boy's room. I had over half a gallon left and love that color so much I decided to make it an accent color on one wall. I couldn't decide whether to go with a deep glowing(but pretty)yellow or not. I feel I have too much yellow in the house already. Plus, the sectional that is in the basement is brown and this taupe color will look good I think.

Now the only thing is to get the basement to stop leaking!! I'm going to paint my area, and then Dave is going to take down the beadboard paneling which faces the front of the house that he just put up to try to locate where the water is coming in from when it rains. He's not a happy camper!

I'm off to read my new favorite book from Janet Evanovich -- Three to Get Deadly. I read books one and two, One for the Dough and Two for Money, in less than a week's time. Man, oh man, are they good! I have to thank my J4K buddies for turning me on to these and getting me reading again -THANKS!

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