Friday, February 10, 2006


I started painting!! Yeah, now only 4 more billion walls to go!!! No, really I am just focusing on my little area right now. However, I was so excited to get the paint yesterday and when I was at the paint store I asked if I should only go half the strength being it was a darker color and going in the basement. I should know to go with my better judgement! The guy tells me no it will be fine.

The heck it was!!! I started trimming out the one wall and stood back and ***GASPED**** It was like coffee with a splash of cream. Of course they don't take the paint back, but they offered to add 4 oz. of white paint -- WHAT???? I went back and bought a gallon of white and started mixing 1/4, then 1/2 and then said screw it -- I added the whole half gallon. Now mind you I'm $40 in to this project and not liking what I have so far. I paint two small walls and let it dry. I went back down later and ***SHOCK*** I LOVE IT!!! Thank goodness because Dave will shoot me if I want to change the color and spend more money experimenting! It's nice and warm feeling.

So I'll be adventurous and post my before pics of my scrap space, so when I'm all done you'll be as shocked and amazed as me. This is the part of the basment I am working on right now. It will be my new area with a cabinet and longer counter top and shelves. The basement is sectioned off and shaped like an "L".

Now this is my scrapping area I work in right now. Disasterous!!! My sister just informed me today she doesn't have any "scrap mojo" that area as it is. Too funny, Pam! I'll get it done for you We can't wait to move around the corner the the clean space. Oh, you promised to help organize the entire area, remember Pam?!?!?!

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