Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feeling betta!

Pretty good day today. Collin and I finally went back to his little Parent/Tot class at the community center. The teacher wondered where we had been. He was pretty good today, but it's funny that he's nothing like Marisa was when she was in this class. She loved every part of it especially the arts and crafts. He wanted nothing to do with decorating his shoe box for the Valentine party next week. So I did it -- love playing with glue and sparkles!

I challenged myself to take him to his class with no diaper. I have never gone out of this house for that length of time with no diaper. He did GREAT!! I reminded myself to remind him to use the potty. He went a total of two times there and then once at the Joann Etc. store. Now we just got to get him doing the #2 on the potty!

I had to stop by Papertales today and look for the QK cupcake die. Nope, they sold out of it. However, she had all the new released dies and I had to buy four of those -- the tab, sparkle, flower letter hangers, and the asterisk plus the new pink zip-around binder. I deserved it!! Now to sneak away and go play with it...lol

I am trying to write a list to pack up my stuff for the second ever crop I will be attending at church this Saturday. One of the mom's at Marisa's school scrapbooks and we finally decided to get together and do this. She has attended the crops at church before, but not me. I find I want to pack the whole kit-n-kaboodle. This time I am trying to narrow down what I need for a few specific things. I need to make cards for my J4K gal pals whose birthdays are this month. I am going to attempt Sunday's sketch, and alter a notebook. We'll see what happens after that.

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