Monday, March 24, 2008

Before & After

The painting is all done in the family room. I just have to muster up the motivation to want to redo the trim. It could use a nice fresh coat of paint, but I keep telling myself that it looks just fine for now :D
It's taken some getting used to this new color, but it is growing on me.
Here's a before picture from 2005. Don't mind Collin walking around in diapers carrying a balloon for Marisa's birthday. He is now out of diapers for the record...LOL

Now here is the new color of the room with a new area rug. I really do like it now. It feels homey, comfy, and relaxing.


Zarah said...

Looks gorgeous! The perfect room for a snuggly corner with a blanket and a good book. :D

just lisa said...

Tami - it looks so warm and relaxing! Very pretty color - and I just love the big window and hardwood floors!

Deb said...

I love the new color, Tami! But what I love even more is in the first picture, your son is walking around in a diaper. Then in the second picture, your dog is wearing a diaper too! ROFL!