Friday, March 14, 2008

Better mood & our new addition

Thank you all so much who posted comments to the previous post and thank you to those who have thought of us during this time. We're making it one day at a time :D

Now on to better news...our new baby girl!!!

Isn't Ms. Jasmine the cutest thing!!! I've always wanted a pug and now I can finally say I have one!! She came to use from another family who had to relocate to Florida. They knew the heat would be too much for her, so they set out to find a good family for her. I'm glad they chose us because she's the sweetest dog with the best temperment. She follows me around every where snorting...too cute!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!! The sun is shining and we'll be painting the family room..yay! I love the look of a freshly painted room.

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Michelle said...

congrats on your new baby - she is adorable - love the name too!