Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Really bummed!

We're now into week three of this strike and it's looking worse. With no one really buying cars and the price of gas rising, AA&M has the upper hand and obviously the funds to wait out this strike. We don't! After almost 9 yrs. being a SAHM, I find myself having to go out and seek employment. However, with the economy being as depressed as it is here in the Detroit area, finding a decent job with decent pay won't come easy. I have faith in the Lord and know this will all work out in the end. It's when you're going through it and just having a BAD day you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please continue to pray for all of those affected by this strike. I'm sure there are families out there who are having a harder time than we are. Thank you!


Deb said...

Continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers Tami!

Kazan said...

Oh my gosh Tami - yes I do hope that things brighten up for you real soon. On a much lighter note - I got tagged on my blog and decided to Tag you too. When you have a moment go and check it out ok. Chin up things have a way of always working out :)

Tracy said...

Hi Tami :)
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time and that this is resolved as quickly as possible.
I hope you and your family are well, I think of you often and hope that everything is OK.
Take Care
Tracy x