Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween projects

A few things that I finished for Halloween:

Loved these little houses!! I got the original idea from WIP blog and then one I saw on 2Peas. Easy decoration for sure!

Next is a quick card I threw together for my niece Gabby. My sister Pam -- her mom-- is always sending my kids cute things for the holidays. I sent her this card with money to buy a "sweet treat".

And this is just my Halloween tree redecorated this year. I made this for a BPM newsletter project last year, but it needed a bit of help after being tossed around. I found these cute little decorations at Michaels for half off and dressed the tree up with them.

Off to peruse the scrappy world for some inspiration to push me to scrap. Better yet, maybe I should just get a good night of sleep since last night's was pretty bad. Ya, that sounds like a better plan ;)

1 comment:

Carol A. said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Those little houses are just adorable and the card is just so sweet. Love your Halloween tree, Tami! Looks very festive around your house! Happy Halloween!