Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's officially OVER!

Today was Dave's last day at American Axle...a bittersweet ending for sure. He's worked there for almost 14 years and while it was a good ride, I'm thinking the ride has come to His company is hurting like all the automotive manufacturers especially since they produce mainly truck axles. Trucks as we know aren't selling any more and the work week was showing it. It was becoming a rare thing to actually make it to 40 hours. I think the most he's worked this past month is 38 hours in one week.

Times are definitely tough for us, but I know we will pull through with faith and hope. I can tell he seems a little bummed, but happy at the same time. He said everyone was hollering at him, hugging him, and even some of the ladies were crying. Gosh, I didn't know he had that effect on He is a good guy and a GREAT can get no better than him. If there's 8 hours to put in a days worth of work, he'll stay for 12, 14, and even 16 as long as he's getting paid. However, after the strike it just wasn't the same. Their wages were cut drastically and morale was low if not obsolete. He knew it was best for him to get out while the getting was good as they say.

So now Dave will start focusing on passing his physical exam to become a corrections officers for the Macomb County Jail. He's passed the written portion, but now just needs to get this physical passed and then begin the waiting game as to when he'll be hired. Chances are good though because he has a couple of friends already working there that will put in a good word for him. Well, if you've read this far...thanks a bunch for listening. It's always good to have someone lend a virtual ear
Hope you're having a blessed day!


Carol A. said...

Wow Tami...I am sure this was a really tough day for Dave but it sounds like he has a real plan for getting on with something that will be alot more stable for him and your family. I will be keeping good thoughts and prayers that he is hired on at the Corrections Facility very soon and that maybe finally you all can get back to some kind of normalcy. Sending lots of ~~~Good Luck Vibes~~~ and {{{{HUGS}}}} your way!

Kim in OK said...

Hey, girl! I'm thinking about you & Dave and hoping that the word comes soon that he gets hired at the jail. Once he does then I have a good feeling that life can get back to normal and there will be less stress financially because he'll have a steady paycheck. Sending {hugs} your way!

Kimberly said...

good luck with the physical! I hope that he can get the job! I have been thinking of your family often-so I am glad to hear some positive news!!